So Many Scams!


You found a cute guy or girl on the dating site you just joined. You’ve been messaging back and forth and everything feels pretty good until they ask for a private financial detail and you realize you’re about to get catfished. Oof. Or maybe you join a small niche dating site hoping to find exactly what you’re looking for and are disappointed; now the site is charging you monthly and you can’t cancel your subscription. Ugh. 

The online dating world is full of scams. When it comes to love and intimacy, we can place ourselves in a vulnerable position, and unfortunately, there are plenty of people ready to take advantage of that vulnerability. In 2016, the FBI reported more than $200 million dollars in online romance scams. It’s been estimated that as many as one in ten profiles is fake, at least.

The fact is that more people than we think fall for and are victim of online dating scams. Even those of us who thought we’d never fall for one. The noisier and more crowded the world of online dating gets, the more we as consumers need an ally, someone to point us in the direction of well-moderated and reputable dating communities.

Isn’t dating hard enough, without having to worry about scams? That’s why we exist.  At DatePerfect, we evaluate dating communities on 28 distinct metrics with your safety, happiness and heart in mind. The most reputable communities will always show up first in your searches because we realize that as consumers in the dating world, we need data on our side. Check us out for yourself at and let us know how else we can help you find just what you’re after.  


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