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How Human Connection Can Save the World

We see a fundamental shift happening in how people approach connection.  We believe this shift is coming from an awakening in human consciousness. It’s driven by connection, by the ways that technology both...
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Online Therapy and Mental Health Resources

Despite today’s amazing technology, people are still struggling to form intimate connections with each other. We have more and more ways to connect to other people, and yet we feel more alienated and isolated from...
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Gay Dating Advice: How to Shine On Dating Sites and Apps

We know firsthand why dating sites and apps can get a bad rep. And we'll admit, it can be overwhelming to sift through hundreds of profiles. Not to mention disappointing when the chat you started with the hot, tat guy...
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Keeping Your Relationship Alive Past Cuffing Season

Cuffing Season relationships are notorious for being short-lived. You may be wondering, "What is Cuffing Season?" Think holiday romances that begin in October and fizzle out by March. Over the years, this season...
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6. The Light of Gas

Over time a theme emerged in therapy, one of many. A sense of needing to be seen and heard in a basic, elementary manner. To have a voice. To be the surrogate for the voice of a child without a voice. Using guided...
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CougarLife vs Adult Friend Finder Review on DatePerfect

DatePerfect Compares CougarLife and Adult Friend Finder CougarLife and Adult Friend Finder are two of the best cougar dating sites around. But maybe you're wondering which site is the best? DatePerfect put these...
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Catholic Match Review vs Christian Mingle Review

DatePerfect Compares Catholic Match Review with Christain Mingle Review Both Catholic Match and Christian Mingle are well-known and trusted Christian dating providers with a lot to offer. But which one is better?...
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5. Obsession Akin to Insanity

Let me just start by saying that mental health needs shouldn't be taken lightly. It's something that millions of people struggle with to some degree on a daily basis. This is certainly a paradigm I have touched upon in...
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Jewish Friend Finder vs JDate: Which Site is Best?

DatePerfect Compares Jewish Friend Finder and JDate  Both Jewish FriendFinder and JDate are well-known and reputable Jewish dating sites with a whole lot going for them. But you wanted to know which one is the...
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How to Meet Gay Guys Online: Gay Dating Explained

You’re here because you want to know how to meet gay guys. With all the LGBT dating sites available today, it can be overwhelming to try and find the best gay dating sites. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. We...
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Your Poly Dating Questions Answered

You’re here because you want to learn more about polyamory and polyamorous dating. You may have heard it called poly dating for short. Keep reading to learn the answers to the most common asked poly dating questions....
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The Lesbian Cougar: Everything You Need to Know

You're here because you're interested in learning about the lesbian cougar. In terms of LGBT dating, it's one of the newest dating trends. Let's start with the basics. You might be here because you're wondering, "what...
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