Jewish Men: 7 Tips to Attract One Now

Samantha Elise Oscar By Samantha Elise Oscar  - December 4, 2017
Jewish Men: 7 Tips to Attract One Now

If you want to attract Jewish men, we have a few helpful suggestions. The first one, not surprisingly, is to be Jewish yourself. In case you aren’t, read on to find out what you can do to get the attention of the Jewish bachelors you’re into.

To Date Jewish Men, Be Jewish

Born Jewish? Congratulations! You can cross step one off the list. For more religious Jewish men, this one can be a big deal. This is because the Jewish faith is matrilineal, meaning that it is passed down on the mother’s side. If Jewish men marry non-Jewish women, technically their children won’t be Jewish.

Practice Modesty

This can seem like an antiquated idea in modern times, but many Jewish men and women value modesty. Modest behavior is important in Jewish culture. Depending on how religious a person is, being alone with a member of the opposite sex can be considered sexual!  (Don’t worry, this would probably come as a surprise to many modern Jews.)

Try a Jewish Dating Site

There are plenty of online Jewish dating sites and communities designed to help Jews connect with each other for friendship and romance. This is one of the best modern ways to attract a Jewish man. That is unless his mother is running his JDate account. (Yes, that’s a real thing.)

Go to Synagogue

Where do single Jewish men hang out? At Temple, at least the more religious ones. Attending religious services guarantees increased visibility on the Jewish dating scene. Meet moms, say hi to Jewish guys, and learn about the religion and culture. Any Jewish man looking to start a family will value that kind of open-mindedness and dedication.

Be Patient

But wait in the right places. Jewish men, like most other testosterone-driven creatures, like to make the first move. Whether it’s on a dating site or in person, wait for the Jewish man to initiate contact. It’s another old school value, but it’s one that can increase the odds of success.

Make Friends with Jewish Mothers

This might sound silly, but is actually one of the best ways to attract a Jewish man. The Jewish religion places a lot of emphasis on family, and especially on mothers. Judaism stems from the mother’s heritage and Jewish mothers are very important in family relations. For most Jewish men, it will be important to have their mother’s approval before proceeding with a serious relationship. Let mom will do the work for you!


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