The 10 Best Places to Meet Single Hot Cougars Without Any Trouble In 2022

Man meeting single cougars

Remember the last time you saw a beautiful older woman in your day-to-day life? Maybe it was a week ago, maybe it was a month ago. Regardless, you saw her, the kind of stunning older woman you want in your life. It’s always a memorable experience to meet hot cougars like that, but unfortunately, it doesn’t happen very often.

Imagine what your life would be like if you were to meet beautiful older women not just every once in a while, but all the time.

Best Places To Meet Hot Cougars

Well, you’re in luck, because you’re about to learn the 10 best place to meet single hot cougars without any trouble. And with this information, you’ll be able to turn the rare chance encounter with a beautiful older woman into something that happens every single day.

1) Yoga Classes are Full of Attractive Older Women

Yoga classes are a goldmine for meeting hot cougars, for several reasons:

  • There are far more women than men in yoga classes, meaning competition is minimal.
  • Women who attend yoga classes take care of their bodies and are dedicated to improving themselves. In one of these classes, there’s a high chance you will meet high quality older women.
  • It’s completely normal for attendees of a class to chat after it finishes. This means breaking the ice with hot cougars will be particularly easy here.

Yoga classes have a high concentration of attractive women. To meet them, go to a group class, and after the session finishes, walk up to a woman you find appealing and introduce yourself by talking about the class (for example, you can mention how good the instructor was). If you and she get along, you can suggest the two of you meet sometime to get coffee, it’s as simple as that.

2) Makes Meeting Cougars (Who Want to Meet Younger Men) Easy

Meeting hot cougars online can be tough. Most popular dating sites don’t have many attractive older women as users and you can’t be sure they are even looking for a younger man.

Fortunately, there is one great dating site for meeting older women: In our review of the best dating sites for meeting hot older women, Cougar Life was ranked #1 three years in a row. has far more attractive older women than any other site, while also having the highest rate of success for younger men interested in meeting older women.

There are some serious advantages to meeting hot cougars online instead of in person. The women on are all single and interested in meeting younger men. You can save yourself a lot of time and rejection by meeting older women online as opposed to in person where it’s impossible to know which women are single and interested in you.

3) Art Galleries Attract Sophisticated Women

What art galleries lack in volume they make up for in quality. If you’re interested in meeting intelligent, sophisticated older women, a local art gallery is a great option. Guys are going to have the best success at this favorite cougar spot if they know a bit about art themself.

One advantage to meeting women at an art gallery is that it’s very easy to strike up a conversation. If a woman you’re interested in is looking at a piece of art, you can start a chat by commenting on the piece. You can ask her what she thinks of it or offer her your opinion of the piece and go from there.

4) Concerts Are Full of Beautiful Women Who Want to Let Loose

Concerts are a great place to meet hot cougars who share a common interest with you. Most popular concerts will have at least some attractive older women in attendance. But be aware that certain genres are going to draw a better ratio than others.

Modern EDM, for example, will mostly draw in younger women. Any band or artist that has been around for a long time will have a good number of older women as fans. So keep that in mind when choosing which concerts to attend.

The challenge to meeting women at a concert is striking up a conversation, your best bet is to go to the smoking area or wait for the show to end. In either case, you can start a conversation by commenting on the performance (you can say how glad you are they played a certain song, how happy you are you got to see the band in person, etc.)

5) Hot Cougars Congregate in High-End Bars

Bars are a classic place to meet women for a reason. People go to bars specifically to socialize and at any popular bar there’s going to be some women hoping to meet a cool guy like you.
Choosing the right bar is important. In any major city there are going to be a variety of bars but most of them won’t have many attractive older women. Generally, the best bars for meeting hot cougars are going to be martini bars and high-end cocktail bars.

There’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find an attractive cougar at a bar if you’re willing to put yourself out there.

6) Coffee Shops Are The Perfect Place To Meet Successful Older Women

Hot cougars commonly spend time at good coffee shops. The coffee shop I frequent has numerous attractive older women every day and it’s a great social environment to make some new connections.

Although it’s easy to find women at coffee shops, you do need to keep a couple things in mind. Coffee shops are a cool place to meet women because they attract entrepreneurial, hard-working women.

To meet a woman at a coffee shop, your best bet is to make your intentions fairly clear. If she doesn’t know why you’re talking to her, she may wonder what it is you want from her (which will make her uncomfortable). Approach a woman at the coffee shop by saying something like, ““I couldn’t help but notice you have a great style and I had to meet you.” That way she’ll know you’re not trying to sell her something.

7) Whole Foods Is A Daily Stop For Hot Cougars

Whole Foods (or any similar healthy grocery store) is a great place to meet older women. You can meet women at any grocery store, but health-centric stores like Whole Foods will have the highest concentration of hot cougars because they attract a fit, health-conscious crowd.

Meeting women at a grocery store is particularly convenient because you can do this while also taking care of your own shopping. If you have an especially busy schedule, this may be a good option for you (as well as meeting women online on sites like

To meet cougars at the grocery store, the best strategy is to be direct, similar to a coffee shop, make it clear that you want to meet her because you find her interesting.

8) If You Want To Meet Intelligent Women, Book Stores are the Place to Be

If you’re interested in meeting intelligent older women, bookstores are your best friend. Bookstores tend to attract an older, more intellectual crowd. Additionally, I’ve noticed that women in bookstores tend to be especially friendly when approached.

Approaching a woman in a bookstore is simple, make a comment about the book she’s looking at. For example: “I’ve heard that’s a great book, you think you’re going to get it?” Of course, if you can’t think of a comment, the direct approach works well here too, so don’t be afraid to keep that in your back pocket as a fallback.

9) Popular Hiking Trails are a Hotspot For Beautiful Women

Similar to Yoga classes, popular hiking trails are a great place to meet women who take their fitness seriously.
When meeting hot cougars on a hiking trail, keep in mind you need to be respectful and keep your distance on the initial approach. Do not invade her space when first meeting her, this will make her defensive. Instead, make a casual comment from a distance about the trail, and if she responds positively you can continue the conversation and meet her in earnest.

Although the initial approach is more difficult on a hiking trail, if you can get a conversation started, you’re in a great situation because you and her can now walk the trail together. This can easily lead to a strong connection and in some cases, you can even invite her on a date immediately after the hike (for dinner or drinks).

10) Downtown is Bustling With Beautiful Women

In your city, there should be an area downtown that gets a lot of foot traffic. Each city is different, but in general, you’ll find many professional older women here. The advantage to meeting women downtown is the sheer number of people (compared to a coffee shop or grocery store). The disadvantage is that it’s not a very social environment, so the initial approach can be difficult.

When meeting women downtown, your best bet is the direct approach I mentioned earlier. There is so much foot traffic in a downtown area that it’s a great place to develop your social skills if you’re new to meeting women in person.

There you have it, 10 great places you can visit to meet hot older women without any trouble. No matter your lifestyle and schedule, some of these options will be a great way for you to have some exciting interactions with beautiful women.

Of course, knowing where to meet beautiful women is only part of the equation, it’s just as important to know how to attract the women you meet. You can learn more about how to attract older women in this article: 44 Dating Experts Share Their #1 Tips For Dating Older Women.