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This is the wild and true story of a tech company and the personal narrative of its co-founder, Jonathan DeLong. It's probably not what you're expecting. See how Jonathan's experiences with dating and marriage helped shape the vision of this company as well as its technology. At its core, online dating speaks to the deepest human vulnerabilities. And we think the dating industry can do a much better job serving and taking care of online daters. Once you've read all about the formation of the company, check out our tech in action! The DatePerfect numbers are kind of amazing. Today, DatePerfect lists almost 4,000 dating sites across 120 unique niches. There almost 1 million consumers reviews in our system. Between helpful articles and detailed breakdowns of dating sites, we have over 1 million words of human-generated content (yep, that's a thing you actually have to say these days). All of this on over 10,000 web pages and we're growing every day. To make things easier for consumers, we've also wrapped that experience into native Android and iPhone apps. While we only have a core group of 5 people working, we have a massive network of global freelancers and third-party vendors. In fact, there's someone working on DatePerfect 24 hours a day somewhere in the world. But the truth is that we can't do it all ourselves and that's where the machines come in. (Yes, I'm pandering to our future overlords here.) Without getting into the secret sauce of how it works, DatePerfect has some pretty amazing tech under the hood. The algorithms and machine learning that power our tools are supported by the craftiest of crawlers, scrapers, and "signal-catchers" around. Simply put, we're trying to provide a massive but elegant solution in a disparate and cumbersome industry, to help people find a connection. And we're doing it all on a shoestring budget. It's about time the online dating industry got accountable to its users! We've seen so many other industries do this and it's time for online dating to follow suit. Visit this blog for the latest segments and follow Jonathan on LinkedIn,

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After all, before you can find the right person, you have to start with the right dating site. It's why we created DatePerfect in the first place. But you probably already knew that from reading our Founder's Blog. Now it's time to help DatePerfect become the single greatest resource for all things dating. How? You can help us simplify online dating by joining the conversation and the community. Leave a dating site review for a site you've tried, share your two cents on an article in the comments section, or sign up for our mailing list to join the movement. Now check out the first installment of our Founder's Blog:   1. An Introduction Executed as a Train Wreck

6. The Light of Gas

Over time a theme emerged in therapy, one of many. A sense of needing to be seen and heard in a basic, elementary manner....

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5. Obsession Akin to Insanity

Let me just start by saying that mental health needs shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s something that millions of people struggle with to some...

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4. Good for Millions? I Barely Know What’s Good for Me

My internal drives in these pursuits were indeed complicated. I had been a technologist, so I was immediately fascinated by the messiness of the...

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3. Single for the First Time in the Digital Age, Sorta

Suddenly I was single, having moved back to San Francisco from Santa Barbara. I’d only tried online dating once before getting married, so I...

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2. I Do, Until I Don’t, with Beauty and Love

I never thought I’d be part of a marriage. I also never thought I’d live to be thirty. The truth is, both events caught...

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1. An Introduction Executed as a Train Wreck

Full disclosure, this is not your typical founder’s blog and I am not your typical tech entrepreneur founder. My hope with this blog is...

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