11 Best Places to Meet Single Women Seeking Men in Baltimore in 2022

single woman seeking men in Baltimore

With more than 600,000 residents, Baltimore has an untold number of available ladies looking for love. If you’ve been feeling lonely, it might not seem that way, but there truly are options out there. The best way to end the loneliness is to learn the spots for finding single women seeking men in Baltimore.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in Locust Point or over in Fairfield, Baltimore has so much going on. The bar scene is always active, of course, but there are way more options than just that. This isn’t Hampstead, after all, there are always new ways to meet people.

Whether you’re studying at John Hopkins or you’re stuck working the night shift, don’t give up on love. We’re here to help you find all of the single women in Baltimore. This list will open your eyes to our city’s vibrant social scene.

Keep reading and chase away the lonely blues. Also, if we’ve left any must-try spots off our list, please comment below. We always like to stay as up-to-date as possible.

Find Where to Meet Single Women Seeking Men in Baltimore

Baltimore single women are waiting in bars, clubs and coffee shops. But they’re not going to wait forever, so read on and get out there.

Rye has Baltimore single women by the score

Rye has Baltimore single women by the score


To get us started, we have to recommend one of the hippest and most interesting cocktail bars in the city. RYE on Thames Street has gotten plenty of national press before, so we’re not imagining we’re telling you anything new. The fact is, though, it’s earned its reputation as one of the best watering holes in all of Baltimore.

So why are we telling you about a place everyone knows about? Exactly because everyone knows about it. If you’re looking for single women in Baltimore, why not go where you know there will be tons of them? And unlike some overcrowded dive bar, you’ll enjoy the atmosphere and the drinks at RYE.

Adult FriendFinder is the most popular way to meet women looking to head to the bedroom fast (try it free)

Here’s the thing about dating online. Everybody thinks it’s a little weird, and yet everybody is doing it. And we do mean everybody. If you don’t believe us, sign up to Adult FriendFinder and see for yourself. With more than 90 million global users, this is the site that made digital flings mainstream.

Well before Tinder and all those other apps, this site was establishing its reputation as the best of the best. Since the mid-2000s, AFF has been the most reliable site of its kind. Year after year, it lands near the top of our rankings of the best hookup sites and apps. That’s not just locally either. People love this site around the world.

Most Balitmore guys are going to get the best results using AFF in our experience.

If most users had to pick one app, it’d be Adult FriendFinder because it’s focused on making casual flings easy.

Why is it so simple? You can search by distance, sexual kink, and cup size, to name a few options. And, no matter what you look like or how old you are, there is someone for you on Adult FriendFinder. Get an account and find out for yourself.

Try Adult FriendFinder For Free!
If you’re tired of wasting your time and actually want to meet single women who mostly just want to hook up you need to try Adult FriendFinder’s trial here. We haven’t found a faster or easier way to meet women that actually want to head to bed fast, especially for more normal guys (not models). If you want results check them out for free.


Club Orpheus will have you dirty dancing

Club Orpheus will have you dirty dancing with Baltimore single women


When you want to meet new and interesting people, go to the place where everyone is welcome. That is, of course, Club Orpheus, the legendary dance club that opens its doors to everyone. It built its reputation by being one of the first LGBTQ clubs back in the 60s. But these days, though, you’ll find half of the city there on any given week.

Believe it or not, this is where you’ll find some of the most delectable single women in Baltimore. It’s simple. Women love to dance, and there is no better dancing night to night than at Club Orpheus. With an all-are-welcome attitude and the best underground music in the city, you’d be wise to hit this dance floor.

Power Plant Live! is ground central for single women in Baltimore

Power Plant Live! is ground central for single women in Baltimore


If you want to increase your odds of meeting someone, go where the most people are. In this city, that’s obviously Power Plant Live! This mixed entertainment and dining area is a place that can legitimately be said to have “something for everyone.” Whether you’re looking for live music or just a casual meal, it happens here.

What this Power Plant brings to the city is what it can bring to your love life: energy and excitement. The single women seeking men in Baltimore are here because the whole city is here. We highly recommend hitting up one of the nightclubs on the weekends. That’s where you’re most likely to come across beautiful women wanting to have a good time.

Artifact Coffee makes everyone feel more comfortable

Artifact Coffee makes everyone feel more comfortable, especially single women seeking men in Baltimore


For those of our readers who are looking for something other than the bar scene, we have just the thing. A coffee shop is the perfect alternative to a pub. It still provides the social setting necessary for talking with friends and dates. Yet, you don’t have to spend a ton of money, and day drinking doesn’t seem as bad.

Whether you’re off the booze or just want something more relaxed, try Artifact Coffee on Union Ave. It has an old-school charm, mostly because it was built into an old factory. It also serves great coffee and provides a funny, quirky locale for wasting a few hours. Bring a book and let an afternoon outing turn into an evening with a new friend.

Cougar Life is where gorgeous women over 35 find partners (try it free)

The secret to a happy relationship is finding someone with whom you have a genuine connection. For many men, that means a woman with experience and culture. That’s why so many of us prefer dating women over 35. And it’s also why one of the most popular dating sites out there is Cougar Life.

With over 7 million users, Cougar Life is the highest quality and easiest site for meeting women over 35. It isn’t just for young guys who like older women, though it’s obviously great for that. If you’re in your 30s, 40s or older, this site helps you find a partner who understands your life experience.

For women, this site is a godsend. Women over 35 rarely have tons of extra time to waste in bars waiting to be hit on. Plus, there’s a stigma around older women actively pursuing men. These older, beautiful women don’t want to feel embarrassed or judged when looking for love. So they get on Cougar Life.

With users in all major cities, Cougar Life will be your favorite way to meet single women in Baltimore. You can sign up now and find someone interested in meeting tonight. You’ll also receive a notification as soon as anyone looks at your profile. There is good reason this site is always one of our best-reviewed cougar dating sites and apps.

Baltimore School of Dance draws in single women seeking men in Baltimore

Baltimore School of Dance draws in single women seeking men in Baltimore


The rumors are true: women love a man who can dance. Many generations ago, it was always assumed a man would be able to do at least simple ballroom dancing. Times have changed though, and so have the dancing fashions. Nowadays, it can be hard to keep up with all the trends. But women still want to know you can shake what your mama gave you.

That’s why we recommend taking dance classes at Baltimore School of Dance. They offer all types of dance instruction, with classic styles like ballroom, jazz and ballet. They also teach hip-hop, modern and even Chinese folk. Whatever you want to learn, you can learn it here. All while sharing a room with fun-loving, beautiful women. What is there to lose?

Even More Amazing Ways to Meet Single Women in Baltimore

Still haven’t found the right spot to meet single women seeking men in Baltimore? That’s okay, we’ve got even more choices for you to try out.

eHarmony has been igniting relationships in Baltimore for years

Up above, we talked about going to the places where the most people go. With that same logic, when online, you want to find the dating site where the most serious people are. We mean the people who want a real relationship and place quality matches over quantity. Those people are all on eHarmony.

With 33 million users, eHarmony has spent 20 years building a reputation as the premier dating site. It’s now the most well-known dating site in North America and the one with which we’ve had the best results.

Research has found  75% of all marriages that began online started with eHarmony. That includes nearly 70% of all users meeting their spouse within a year. It helps that the gender ratio is so even. The real secret to eHarmony’s success, though, is its refined algorithm.

Every site claims to have one; eHarmony’s actually works. It relies on detailed questions that all users must answer when they sign up. This helps the site ensure the matches are based on something real. It also means, when you message a woman, she’s more likely to actually respond. She knows there is probably a real connection there.

With 15 million matches a day, you would be out of your mind not to at least try eHarmony.

Leinie Lodge & Beer Garden gathers all of Baltimore together

Leinie Lodge & Beer Garden gathers all of Baltimore single women together


We’ve already told you about Power Point Live!, but we intentionally didn’t mention Leinie Lodge & Beer Garden. That’s because this is a spot that deserves to be talked about all on its own. It’s one of the most enjoyable and laidback places in the city to enjoy a drink and meet new people. And you’ll be sure to meet Baltimore single women.

The pleasures of a beer garden are plentiful. Obviously, there is the wide selection of beer for every taste. Then there is the pure joy of being able to drink in a sunny, open location. You don’t feel crowded in or buried in a cave. Those are all reasons that women who like to drink always prefer a beer garden. And it’s why you should check out Leinie Lodge.

Speed Baltimore makes it easy to meet all kinds of people

Speed Baltimore makes it easy to meet Baltimore single women


We used to be like you. We thought speed dating was silly, or even desperate. It always looked like such a joke when it was in the movies. But then we tried it and we saw how wrong we were. There is no better way to find single women seeking men in Baltimore. We actually feel silly for ever having doubted it.

In this city, the most enjoyable speed dating events are by Speed Baltimore. They’re one of the premier matchmaking services around, and they make nights of speed dating fun. You don’t have to feel intimidated or self-conscious. Everyone is there for the same reason. If you’re tired of the games, sign up for Speed Baltimore tonight.

Merritt Clubs Downtown brings out the fit Baltimore women

Merritt Clubs Downtown brings out the fit Baltimore single women


They’ve done studies and found that a woman will find a man more attractive if she has been exerting energy. That explains why we always see men and women flirting at the gym. While not everybody wants to chat while working out, some women appreciate a friendly connection at the gym.

At the downtown location of Merritt Clubs, you can get both your body and your social life in shape. Even if you aren’t a particularly athletic person, there are all kinds of options for staying fit. Play racquetball, swim in the pool or just run on the track. Whatever activities you enjoy, you’ll find you’re doing it with beautiful women.