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How to Online Date and Actually Make it Work

If you’ve been online dating for a little while, you’re probably starting to notice how big and unwieldy this beast is. You’re aware of the scams and the fraud, hopefully not through personal experience. You...
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Obsession and Infatuation at a Monastery

Welcome back, loyal readers. Let’s address the baby elephant in the room right off the bat. “Where have you been, Kiara?” The truth is pretty simple: happy and in love, with no genuine material for sarcastic and...
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Mindful Dating: Naked Yoga, Lady Gaga, and My Mom

Mindful Dating? Welcome to mindful dating. In my opinion, it all starts with naked yoga. So, I was doing naked yoga this morning and listening to Lady Gaga (shut up, she’s an artist). It’s part of my morning...
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DTR: What to Do Before You Have the Convo

You guys, I met a guy. Like one I actually like and am attracted to and who seems like a really good human. And just when I had perfected my dating apocalypse outfit and its accompanying survival tools (aka...
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I Hate Online Dating, Now What?

Yesterday, after my third disappointing date this week, I found myself dramatically proclaiming to my little brother and his friend that I was, “done. Like, done. Like, going to get-a-strapon-and-date-women done.”...
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LGBT Dating Sites: Our 7 Favorite Providers

Best LGBT Dating Sites: We all know that dating in the 21st century is hard, but it can be even harder for members of the LGBT community. This is why getting yourself on LGBT dating sites can help so much. It takes a...
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Asian Dating Sites: The Best of the Best

Asian Dating Sites Asian men and women are often intelligent, educated, successful, family-oriented, and, of course, gorgeous. If you're excited about Asian dating, the best options are probably online. But there are so...
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Online Dating with My Jewish Mother

Some of you know what it’s like to have a Jewish mother. The truth is, it’s actually pretty awesome. Maybe she taught you Yiddish songs when you were a kid so you’d know how to complain that different parts of...
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