The 8 Best Places To Meet Women (Avoiding Bar and Clubs)

Single guy meeting a woman

Today I’ll show you some of the best places to meet women that you may not have thought of yet.

We all know that you can meet women at the park, on the street, or by going out at night. However, there are many other excellent spots that people don’t know about where beautiful women often go.

The best places to meet women in your area

Most people will tell you to go to a bar or a club if you’re looking to meet someone special. In all honestly; clubs and bars are excellent places to do that. But what if you don’t like the night scene or don’t enjoy hanging around drunk people all the time?

Luckily, if the nightlife isn’t for you, there are many other places for meeting women that people often overlook.

Some of them may seem very counterintuitive to you at first. Nevertheless, if you think a little outside the box, you’ll soon see the genius behind these great spots.

Here are some excellent spots to meet women:

Standing in line for something is one of the best places to meet women

That’s right, one of the best places to meet women happens to be when you’re standing in line for something. Any line will do, as long as there’s a pretty woman either in front of you or behind you.

Let’s face it, no one enjoys standing still for a long time without having anything to do. If you find the woman next to you attractive, take the opportunity to brighten her day and alleviate her boredom.

I can’t count the times I’ve struck up a conversation with a beautiful woman when I was standing in line at the post office, for example. It’ll make time fly quicker for the both of you. It can also quickly lead to you getting her number and then a date.

Dance classes

Dance classes are among the best places to meet women if you don’t enjoy going to clubs. There will always be single women there unless it’s a couple-only class. Plus, you get to have all the same fun you would have in a nightclub but without all the drinking and competition.

In fact, dance classes are still my go-to place if I want to meet and hook up with someone new. That’s because of all the physical contact you’ll be having with women you dance with. And as we all know, physical contact is one of the most critical things in seduction!

Bonus points if you already know some dance moves and have great rhythm.

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Concerts, fairs, carnivals, festivals, etc.

These and similar events will usually have a lot of beautiful women attending them.

The great thing about such events is that there’ll be lots of action, laughter, fun and games there. All these things spike people’s emotions, which is perfect for you. Because when women are on an emotional high, they’ll be much more open to hooking up with you if you play your cards right.

That’s why these events happen to be some of the best places to meet women for one-night stands.

Sports events

I suspect that you didn’t consider a sports event to be among the best places to meet women. Well, they’re actually pretty darn awesome for that and here’s why: You already have something in common with the women there.

You’re “on the same team” so to speak, which means that you’re already “in” as far as everyone is concerned. You already like the same thing, which is the team you’re both supporting.

This instant and shared commonality between you and the women there is an excellent opener. You can use it to chat up every woman who you find attractive. They’ll be much more receptive than usual because of it.

This neat little lifehack is the reason why I always get a lot of women’s numbers at such events. Plus, as with festivals and concerts; emotions will be high there, which tilts things in your favor.

Yoga classes

Who doesn’t like the way a beautiful woman looks in skin-tight yoga pants?

Unfortunately, not many men tend to go to yoga classes, which is why you definitely should! There is often next to no competition from other men and you’ll always find many fit women there.

Plus, there’s this thing called the “yoga bliss effect where your body releases several happy hormones after the workout. Among them is a hormone called “Oxytocin”, which is produced during sex, orgasm and intimacy. It means that after the yoga session, women will feel much more content, joyful and open to conversation with you. And that’s exactly what makes yoga classes one of the best places to meet women.

That said, don’t forget that if you stare at women like a creep while they’re doing yoga poses, you’ll soon find yourself ignored. So, be sure to fight the urge to stare at women’s behinds while you’re doing all the exercises.

Just do your own thing, focus on enjoying yourself and getting fit, and only chat with the women after the class.


If you like intellectual women, then bookstores are a great place to find them and chat them up.

Besides that, most of the popular bookstores I see are often designed like a coffee shop. This is to encourage people to stay around for longer and to spend money on beverages and snacks.

They’re also an excellent place to start conversations with women because you can always ask them for a new book recommendation. Also, if you find women who’ve already read the same books as you, the opportunities for a great conversation are endless.

If you enjoy reading or talking about books, then it’s among the best places to meet women interested in the same thing.

The beach

The beach is the perfect place to find women if you’re very specific about body shape. That’s because you get to see what they look like under their clothes. This makes it great if you’re very picky about how women look and don’t like any surprises.

That said, even though the beach is among the best places to meet women, it may not be for everyone. Men who are fit will always have an advantage over those who aren’t because of first impressions. So, if you are uncomfortable with your body or don’t like the way you look, you may want to steer clear of this place.

Women see when a man is insecure about his looks and feels uncomfortable because of that. So, to have a lot of success at the beach, you either have to be fit or be able to talk to women confidently.

Public transportation

Your daily commute is an excellent opportunity to meet women. It’s the same thing as with standing in line; people are often bored. If you chat with someone you find attractive and make their commute more enjoyable, that can often lead to a date.

However, as great as public transport is for meeting women, take this one with a grain of salt.

The reason why meeting women on trains, buses, ferries and similar things can backfire is that it’s easy to seem like a creep. That’s because you’re both in an enclosed space and there isn’t a clear “escape route” for the woman. She can’t just up and leave because she’s taking the same ride as you are. If you don’t want to seem creepy or weird, you have to be extra careful because you’ll often see the same people again.

That’s why you should take it as slow as possible and don’t make it too obvious that you’re talking to her specifically to hit on her.

And there you have it; these are some of the best places to meet women that you’ve probably never thought of. Each situation presents a unique opportunity and some even offer a unique challenge.

If you’re tired of going out to bars and clubs all the time, you’ll find these eight spots to be excellent alternatives. But truth be told, you can meet women pretty much everywhere you go. Check out the local malls in your area, go to the park or take a walk on a busy boulevard. The opportunities are endless and ultimately it’s up to you and your personal preference which spot you pick.

Just remember that it’s normal and natural to chat up women randomly during the day. So, don’t be shy and go out and talk to women you find attractive. “Daygame” is underappreciated and I often find it to be much better than going out to a nightclub.