10 Hangouts to Find Single Women Seeking Men in Chicago in 2022

Single woman in Chicago

Are you ready to start meeting the most gorgeous single women seeking men in Chicago? Then you’re going to need to know exactly where to look. It can be easy to fall into a rut and visit the same bars and clubs every weekend. That’s why we’ve done the hard work of finding the hottest spots for meeting gorgeous single women. Our spots will take you from River North all the way to Lincoln Park.

We’ve even scoped out the college party situation and have found the spots where all of the University of Illinois students party. Our list is a proven guideline of the bars, clubs and websites that have worked for us every time. Our recommendations will help you meet some of the hottest single women in Chicago. You won’t believe how easy it is to get laid when you know the right spots to visit.

So if you’re ready to start getting lucky on the regular, then these are your best options. If we have left any places out, let us know by leaving a comment below.

Where to Meet Single Women Seeking Men in Chicago

We’re going to start with the spots that have been the most useful to us in the past year. If you’re not taking advantage of these spots to meet hot Chicago single women, then you are missing out!

Delilah’s Chicago is an old school bar with a fantastically hot crowd of women

Single women in Chicago having drinks at Delilah's


Delilah’s Chicago has been around since the early 90s and for good reason. The bar has an old school punk rock feel that attracts a super cool crowd. The women who come here to drink are always ready to party hard. We’ve only had the most stellar interactions with those who come here to listen to great music while grabbing a drink.

You’ll quickly notice that the DJs here are always spinning a wide variety of tunes. Whether you’re into rock & roll, punk rock, reggae, soul, or R&B, you’ll find music to dance to here. The bar has over 1000 beer and spirit options, so be prepared to indulge. Between special events and art openings, the crowd here is always ready to mingle and have fun.

Adult FriendFinder is the easiest way to meet interested single women in Chicago that don’t want a commitment (try it free)

Are you in the mood to stay home but still want to find someone to spend a fun night with? Then you’re going to want to give Adult FriendFinder a try. There’s really no easier way to meet single women seeking men in Chicago. Adult FriendFinder is the one website that is exclusively focused on connecting people for casual flings. So if you’re ready to ditch the awkward next morning conversations, then find your next one-night encounter on Adult FriendFinder.

The website has a huge userbase of over 90 million active users. That means that the odds are forever in your favor on this site. Having been around since 2006, the site has also managed to establish a reputable brand. So far, we haven’t encountered any catfishing and fake profile interactions that happen on a lot of other sites. However, that’s still not our favorite thing about the site.

If you still haven’t been convinced then we’re sure this feature will change your mind. The site makes it easy to filter through users based on distance, kink, cup size, and more. Finding the perfect one-night stand has never been easier. There’s a reason why it winds up on our list of the best hookup apps and sites year after year.

We haven’t found a faster or easier way for most guys in Chicago to meet women looking for something casual.

So if you’re ready to meet the sexiest single women in Chicago who are looking for a good time, then sign up for a free trial of Adult FriendFinder.

Try Adult FriendFinder For Free!
If you’re tired of wasting your time and actually want to meet single women who mostly just want to hook up you need to try Adult FriendFinder’s trial here. We haven’t found a faster or easier way to meet women that actually want to head to bed fast, especially for more normal guys (not models). If you want results check them out for free.


Chicago single women love to go out dancing at Stereo Nightclub

Chicago single women sitting near the gold-tiled wall at Stereo Nightclub


Stereo Nightclub is the perfect nightclub if you’re looking for great music and an overall warm atmosphere. This is the one nightclub in our city that is both friendly and filled with hotties. You won’t run into the typical snotty clubgoers while partying here. In fact, we’ve come across some pretty hot Chicago single women while grabbing drinks here.

The club is always entertaining and the DJ acts are pretty remarkable. Along with the great music acts, you can always count on reliable service here. You won’t be stuck waiting at the bar for over 20 minutes trying to place a drink order. Overall, this is a fantastic spot if you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone and dance with gorgeous women in order to have a good time.

If you are a guy under 35 interested in meeting a cougar, then Cougar Life is your best bet (try it free)

Looking to meet mature women who are open to dating younger men? Well, you’re not the only one. Men who are interested in more mature and sexy women will find the best luck on Cougar Life. It’s the easiest way to meet attractive women over 35 for many men.

The site is perfect for younger men who want to meet older women. But it’s also great for older guys interested in single women over 35. Let’s face it; many older women are unwilling to approach younger guys at bars. The worries of being rejected are very real for them and many of them are busy with fulfilling careers and personal lives that keep them from frequenting clubs. That’s where Cougar Life comes in.

The site has the largest number of members looking for cougar interactions. It also has some of the hottest older single women in Chicago. The site is the highest quality of its kind and is very popular in most cities. Our favorite part is that the website instantly notifies you when someone takes a look at your profile. That means you can see who is interested in meeting tonight. That’s how Cougar Life ends up on our list of the best cougar dating sites.

So if you’re ready to get lucky with a sexy older woman, give Cougar Life a try!

Debonair Social Club is a highly popular dance spot for single women in Chicago

Debonair Social Club's vintage-inspired exterior


Debonair Social Club is one of the last standing nightclubs in Wicker Park. The nightclub is particularly popular for its two-floor operations. You can indulge in a lot of fun when you have the option of choosing two different floors to party on. Both floors draw in different crowds because they both play different music styles.

You’ll quickly notice that the nightclub attracts lots of single women seeking men in Chicago. Since the club is fun with reasonably priced drinks, the club often gets pretty filled up. If you’re smart, then you’ll quickly take advantage of this. Grab a drink and then find a dance partner on the dancefloor. You could easily be walking away with someone hot in just a few hours.

Miller Lite Beer Garden Grove is the perfect spot to drink and socialize

A group of friends at Miller Lite Beer Garden Grove


The Miller Lite Beer Garden is an awesome spot to head out to if you’re looking for a fun time. The beer garden is located outside on the East End of the Navy Pier. The outdoor destination makes it the perfect spot to grab a drink during the warmer months. Lots of single women head out here to drink, eat and hang out with their friends.

What makes this spot so great is that it’s the perfect mix of a restaurant, beer garden and concert venue. You can catch some pretty great live music acts here while enjoying a delicious beer out by the water. Women love coming here for the view, so you’ll notice quickly just how many women come here. So be brave and introduce yourself to someone new who could be looking for a one-night fling.

eHarmony is a great option if you’re looking for a long-term relationship (try it free)

When it comes to finding a real relationship, eHarmony is your best option. This is the one site where we’ve seen fantastic results time and time again. It’s currently one of the most well-known dating sites throughout the US and Canada. With over 33,000,000 members, you can rest assured that you will find someone that you are compatible with on the site.

Also, unlike many other apps and websites, eHarmony actually takes the time to understand your wants and needs. The sign-up process is more extensive but for good reason. You’ll need to answer a series of questions about yourself and what you want in a potential partner. This helps you to stand out as much as possible. It also ensures you’ll find someone perfect for you. eHarmony’s 20 years of data also make it far more likely for you to meet the right one.

eHarmony makes 15 million matches each day. So why not be one of them? Every day you’ll receive several matches of people who are both looking for the same thing as you and match the criteria you selected. Since you’ll receive tons of matches, you won’t have to waste hours scrolling through profiles trying to find someone right. This also keeps attractive women from being overwhelmed by creepy messages from men. In the end, this all works to your advantage as the response rate from these beautiful women is much higher than on other apps.

So give eHarmony a try if you’re looking for something more than a fling. You won’t believe how many available, gorgeous single women in Chicago there are looking for a relationship.

Chicago Dance is a great way to meet single women seeking men in Chicago

A fun dance class full of students in Chicago Dance


Hate striking out on the dance floor of your favorite nightclub? Then you’ll want to consider taking some dance courses. Luckily, a local dance studio is one of the best places to meet single women seeking men in Chicago. Chicago Dance is a dance studio that offers both group and private Latin and ballroom dance lessons to dancers of all levels.

Since you’ll be swapping partners throughout the dance lesson, it gives you the perfect opportunity to chat up lots of women. So if you don’t click with the first woman, you’ll have a new opportunity in a few minutes. You’ll be killing two birds with one stone by learning some great dance moves while meeting lots of interested women.

More Great Places to Meet Single Women in Chicago

Now that we have covered our very best, here are a few more tried and tested venues that will be sure to get you laid. Head to these spots after you’ve sufficiently tried out some of the others:

Sawada Coffee is a cozy cafe where locals go to relax and mingle

The gorgeous interiors of Sawada Coffee


If you’re looking for a low-key place to flirt and introduce yourself to new women, then Sawada Coffee is a great option. Many guys overlook just how great a coffee shop’s atmosphere is for starting up a conversation. This quaint coffee shop makes it even easier with its cozy decor and amazing coffee drinks.

Sawada Coffee is a place where lots of locals come to grab a coffee, relax and play a game of ping-pong. The atmosphere is pretty chill and you’ll immediately notice that none of the women have their guard up. That means you’ll have much better luck striking up a conversation here.

Speed Chicago Dating is a fun and fast way to meet lots of local single women

A woman flirting with her date at Speed Chicago Dating


In a world where we’re used to fast results, what better way is there to meet local women than at a speed dating event? Speed dating has become a popular option for lots of singles in Chicago. If you don’t want to waste time and energy on dates that wind up going nowhere, then try out Speed Chicago Dating.

Speed Chicago Dating makes speed dating fun and easy. The dating service hosts in-person speed dating events where you can meet other singles in a relaxed environment.