9 Solid Reasons Older Women Are Dating Younger Guys

Single older woman dating a younger man

For a while, you’ve suspected it’s been happening. You’ve seen evidence of it. Celebrities like Demi Moore, Madonna, and J-Lo with guys several years their junior. There’s even a cute, colloquial slang for it: cougar. Science has caught up, explaining some of the phenomena through rigorous research studies, but you’re still wondering why. The lingering question you have are the reasons older women are dating younger guys.

Why Older Women Are Dating Younger Guys

Relationships between older women and younger guys are happier, healthier, and more committed than stereotypes suggest. And finding quality older women is easier than you realize. Women are dating younger guys for practical reasons, and the world is a better place for it. Here are 9 reasons older women are dating younger guys.

You make her happy

Science doesn’t lie. One study showed that women at least ten years older than their partner are happier in their relationships. Scientists think it’s because older women who date younger guys experience more equality. You see this trend in the increased amount of older women dating younger guys in recent years. Older women are realizing they can date whomever they want. Younger guys are progressively becoming their choice of mate.

You’re easy to find

With online dating being so popular, it’s easier than ever for older women to find exactly what they’re looking for in a partner. Several great sites cater to older women looking for younger guys and vice versa. Women no longer bear the burden of showing up in a bar, waiting to see if a younger guy will pick up on her subtle flirting. She can get right to the point by messaging you online and asking you out. But if she doesn’t want to do that, she still has the options of happy hour and trivia night at the library.

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Older Women Are Dating Younger Guys Because You bring her passion

Many older women experience renewed passion when they date a younger guy. That passion keeps the honeymoon alive much longer than it does in traditional relationships. The excitement and novelty of dating a younger guy keep the dopamine flowing through her (and your) brain for a long time. Dopamine is an essential chemical for prolonged feelings of passionate love. You can get a lot of mileage from that desire if you play your cards right. Tap into it by playing up the romance.

You appreciate her

Older women love being able to share their experiences and wisdom with others. Who better than their partner? It helps them feel valued and admired, two important qualities to women in a relationship. Younger guys appreciate older women more by paying closer attention to what they say. By having open, engaging conversations with women about their lives, you foster respect. It shows her you hold her insight in high regard.

You’re a great lover

Older women re-entering the dating scene are usually in their sexual prime. They’re ready to date a guy who can match their stamina. Younger guys are open to new experiences, and older women love that. They can show their younger partner exactly what they want and get the responsiveness they desire. An attentive lover, with a sense of adventure who can go for hours- what woman wouldn’t want that?

You can commit

Research shows relationships between older women and younger guys last at least two years, on average. This indicates that, despite unpopular stereotypes, younger guys are not afraid of commitment. Older women are realizing this fact and taking advantage of it. Relationships between older women and younger guys enjoy the unique bond that comes with fighting social stigma. It’s no wonder you end up committed. Those are the kinds of experiences that bring people together in profound ways. Nurture your commitment with continued shared understanding.

You’re low drama

Many older women re-enter the dating scene after being in a defunct relationship with an older man. Usually, one who was stubborn, jaded, and set in his ways. It’s no surprise she’s seeking a relationship of a different kind. Older women know younger guys come with less drama, baggage, and cynicism. You’re open to new experiences and haven’t shut down your ability to listen. Being low drama creates a relationship that garners more trust, understanding, and gratification.

You bring adventure

Most younger guys have fewer responsibilities, and older women are capitalizing on that. You’re not yet bogged down by unreasonable career schedules or complicated family arrangements. You have more freedom for adventure and spontaneity. Just what the love doctor ordered. Older women often need a break from their tedious calendar. A weekend adventure or unplanned date are great ways to spice things up and show her you’re thinking of her.

You’re sexy

Older women have been in the game long enough to know what they like. They aren’t afraid to go after what they want. In this liberated zeitgeist, more women are dating younger guys they can show off to their friends. They’re exercising their right to choose from the tallest branch, and you’re it. You can make her happy and sweep her off her feet with a simple sideways glance or chiseled smile. Use it to your advantage. Be the sexiest couple in the room by letting her appreciate you fully and completely.

Older women all have their own reasons for dating younger guys, but these are the common trends. You’ve seen many shifts in society and dating in the past few decades. Some call it progress. It just so happens that for this one, you’re the prize. Be proud of that fact, and embrace it. There’s a group of women out there who loves you, just for being you. So go. Find them and let them love you. Who would want to get in the way of progress?