5 Asian Dating Tips

5 Asian Dating Tips

If you’re curious about your date’s cultural background, we think the best policy is just to ask. But in the meantime, the following Asian dating tips will help give you a little direction when you’re just starting out.

Be Honest

Just like in any relationship, honesty and communication are the most important things. Be clear with yourself and your date about what sort of relationship you’re looking for.  Keeping your intentions hidden will only cause problems down the line. Find ways to work it into conversations early on and be clear about the type of person you’re looking for, what’s important for you in a relationship, and whether you’re looking for a more casual or committed type of relationship. Being open at the start will help align this relationship with the right person.

Travel to Far Away Places

If you’re interested in dating someone from the Asian continent, you should be prepared for some voyages. Your love interest may have family back home in Asia or at least have strong ties to the place where they were born if they were born there. You should be willing and open to learning about the life they have or had in that part of the world. If things get serious, travel will probably come into play at some point. Living in both worlds is something you have to seriously consider, especially if your date is very close to their family.

Family Traditions

Regardless of where your new love interest has family, those relationships are often close and very important in Asian culture. If things progress and marriage becomes a possibility, this is definitely something you need to keep in mind. If your plan was to elope and get married in a small chapel without any family involvement, you probably have another thing coming. Asian women, in particular, will probably want you to know that you are courting the entire family when you get involved romantically. Showing respect to the family is really important if you want this relationship to grow.

Asian Values

Although every culture is different, when it comes to Asian cultures, things like generosity, honor, and respect have been prioritized historically and culturally. If you’re starting a relationship with an Asian man or woman, you’ll have the best possible chance of success if you do so in alignment with these virtues. One of the ways to demonstrate respect, generosity and honor is to ask about your date’s traditions, expectations, and experience.  Don’t ask for the sake of asking, show a genuine interest in what your partner feels connected to and be willing to share about yourself when asked.

Patience is a Virtue

Be prepared for things to move a little slowly at first. Patience is something many Asian cultures hold near and dear, so slow things down and enjoy getting to know one another before pushing things forward. Take the time to really learn all you can about the person you are dating, listen carefully to what they value, and see how it aligns with your plans for the future. Perhaps you’ll discover things about the other person that you admire and want to cultivate within yourself.

These 5 Asian dating tips will have opened your eyes a least a little bit as to what to expect during the relationship. Enjoy this journey and be willing to meet all the future possibilities with an open, respectful, and a patient mind.

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