A Review of Black Dating Sites: What You Need to Know Before You Join

A Review of Black Dating Sites What You Need to Know Before You Join

If you’re a black man or woman, you might be looking for a black partner, someone who really understands your experience, background, and priorities. You’ve probably heard of black dating sites and apps and might be wondering how well they actually work and whether they can really connect you with the type of person you want to meet. We have good news: you can totally find what you’re looking for. We think the two best black dating sites are Match.com and eHarmony. Check those out now, or read on and learn about some important factors in black dating:

A Shared Background

For many of us, our race is a big part of our identity. Putting aside all other issues, there is no question that most people do believe that their race says something about them. For some, it’s important to date others who share the same identity. It can give us a real sense of connection and shared background and values. A shared racial identity can give your relationship a solid foundation for the kind of bond that’s required for a successful relationship. Black dating sites can help connect you with members of the community that you might otherwise never meet.

Try Harder

Studies have shown that black women have to try a lot harder to get dates on traditional dating websites. Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley found that there’s significant racial segregation in the online dating space. They discovered that it takes black women about 150% as many messages to receive contact back in comparison to other races. Wow. Black women are at a significant disadvantage right off the bat, if we’re talking about online dating in general. This is another good reason why a black dating site can make life simpler and easier if you’re a black woman who has been frustrated by other types of dating sites.

Discrimination Is Real

These days, people have a harder time denying what you’ve probably felt, at some level, your whole life: racial discrimination is alive and well, even in the 21st century. It seems like the internet can be one of the places racists feel free to express their backward beliefs and, unfortunately, online dating sites are no exception. They can be hubs for discrimination against all minorities, but against black women in particular. Again, a reason you might feel safer and more comfortable on a black dating site.

Feel Like You Belong

It can feel good when you finally find a dating community where you feel safe and accepted. This has been the experience of many black men and women who have been disappointed with their experience in the broader world of online dating. It can be a real confidence booster to a lot of people, which we all know can help when it comes to attracting the type of person you’re looking for.

Most of these sites are free to join, but you may find that some of them have features that are only unlocked with paid membership. We are confident you can find what you’re looking for in black dating if you stick with trusted providers!


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