Meeting Someone New


You know when your friend is all, “Kiara, there’s this dude you have to meet.” And you’re like still healing from a messy thing with someone else, so you’re all, “I don’t know…” and then suddenly the three of you are sitting around a table in a hip coffee shop having a job interview? Real life, sometimes it goes down like that.  

I was just starting to come around after the end of a confusing (work) relationship and I wasn’t sure about this new dude. But Jonathan smiled easily and told me about how he’d sailed his yacht out to a “raft up” (a badass boat party), where he’d been “playing hide-and-seek with aliens on multidimensional planes of existence.” He came away from the experience realizing that he needed help simplifying his life. And, what can I say? I was interested. 

So fast forward several months. I’m sitting on the sunny deck of a yacht, my computer perched on my lap, performing an audit of dating communities for people seeking extramarital affairs. Somehow, this is my life. (BTW, I’d be most interested in this one). 

I didn’t realize when I first met Jonathan what this work would look like. But for sure there have been some late nights, me alone in my apartment, clicking through every imaginable dating community, from hilarious to disturbing. I loved this one dating community called “Berning,” for people who get turned on by Bernie Sanders (and his politics, duh). But seriously, I have peered into the dark recesses of the internet, you guys. It gets pretty weird out there.

And really, that’s why we’re here. Because each of you is unique (and probably also weird… no judgment), just trying to find your people in this vast and overwhelming thing we call the interwebs. Let us help. Because that person who’s really into beards or baseball or ball gags could be just around the next metaphorical corner.


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