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The worst
by: lummy67 on 1 June 2018
I really believe in my heart that EliteSingles is a fake.I wasted my money.Please don’t renew my membership.I have looked all over to cancel,but I can’t find it anywhere.Thats a trick to take more money from you.I wish someone will tell me how to cancel - Apple App Store
Finally sophisticated women
by: 10usNE1 on 6 June 2018
Finally good to be on a dating site where the women don't have tattoos and know how to use silver ware. - Apple App Store
Super impressed
by: Juliet332 on 9 April 2018
I am using this product for 1 week. So far my few matches are delivered but i find them good. Please give opportunity to enable and disable specific push notification. - Apple App Store
by: passinatteman on 28 July 2018
I really like it because it helps me to meet people - Apple App Store
Great choice 4 me!
by: AhimsaLynne on 18 December 2017
I am thrilled about the matching, personality profiles, reliability & safety of ES! I wish I had found out about ES initially so I wouldn’t have felt haunted by the creepy folks that showed up as “suitable matches” when I used other matchmaking apps! The customer service (via emails) was fabulous and informative. - Apple App Store
The best approach to find quality people.
by: VarshaVarsha on 16 December 2017
I’ve used several dating apps but I’ve consistently found more professionals on this site than any other. - Apple App Store
drop not block
by: App**virgin on 24 August 2018
why can’t i take them off my list without blocking their incoming coms? - Apple App Store
This app is not nice
by: d_jjj on 24 October 2018
The app is not nice to me after subscription for 3month I can’t even chat anyone or receive messages from anyone it keeps say there as been error tried contacting customers service no 1 responded it so annoying for me to pay almost 100usd and nothing to show for it - Apple App Store
The Best dating app in the market
by: Hanale on 30 July 2017
I tried a dozen different dating sites before Elite Singles. I love the scientific approach that is taken for matching people.Elite Singles is the only application that has been worth the money I've paid for it!Henry Holland, EA - Apple App Store
Very good app..
by: GV iTune on 1 June 2018
With lots of security features.. - Apple App Store
Love the security people
by: DrBobbie on 20 April 2018
I like this site a lot, because they are very diligent in rapidly weeding out scammers and they actually let you know when they have excluded someone for that reason. It would be even better if they did not even post profiles until they confirmed identities as legitimate, but it’s usually only about three days after someone is first presented that they delete them. I’ve learned to wait several days before answering an initial contact , because the person may well disappear , especially if they are extremely good looking , have only one picture and write with an accent —ie, make grammatical errors . Often a person who immediately asks for contact info will be deleted quickly .... happy matching to everybody ! - Apple App Store
by: Mekoyo on 5 November 2017
I enjoyed my stay on the site. - Apple App Store
Good online looking
by: Lizannamarie on 18 April 2018
The site is easy to use and useful. - Apple App Store
Starting over
by: Whose your Florida on 25 August 2018
I am still fishing Elite Singles, but I seem to have substantive genuine counterparts with whom to correspond. Still no mate, but I’m encouraged. 4 out of 5 stars! - Apple App Store
Better over time
by: Subsational on 28 August 2017
Meeting professionals with positive lifestyles and conversational skills at last! - Apple App Store
Could quickly be a 5 star
by: bossinova59 on 27 August 2017
Biggest issue with this site is that it is not intuitive by design, and the mobile app is never synchronized with the web app. So if you have your account open on you Pc, then you head out for a coffee, you realize the message threads aren't keeping up or staying synchronized. How about a bit testing before you release this stuff...However- I've had Best of luck with the quality of people I'm finding here. Top notch... - Apple App Store
Very good and getting better
by: VillaNoleva on 28 April 2018
Like the app and the people in it. Wish the distance feature was better. Lots of suggestions are too far away. It should say the state along with the town the person is located and or the distance in miles like some other apps do. But overall the quality of singles is high which is the most important thing. - Apple App Store
Great App
by: awmassage on 15 April 2018
Although this online dating is new to me, I have trouble with the geography of this app. It gives the town but rarely do you know the state without asking.... also the texting is slow and it seems I don’t get notifications of messages I receive. I do like that this app has a detailed profile so you know more than just a few words or a picture. - Apple App Store
Little Control Over Profile
by: Ann of Arabia on 20 August 2018
I am a slim and trim 59 year old woman whom many mistake for being 40. I’m at a huge enough disadvantage because of my age. I have tried to post a full length picture to show I’m in great shape, Elite Singles crops it to a headshot or bosom up shot every time. I have tried doing my own cropping to waist up, only to show I’m in shape to the men who are my age and looking at the 35 to 40 year olds. Elite Singles crops it down every single time. I don’t know who is in charge of this but it’s just wrong on so many levels. Since they do it to most of the men too, not all, I have to assume they want us to meet up and be surprised at who we have agreed to date. It’s just totally unfair. I will be looking for another dating app as my subscription ends soon. - Apple App Store