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MissTravel is the leading online dating site for those with a passion for travel!

We match members around the world who are seeking travel companions.

The thrill of exploring exotic destinations and immersing yourself in new cultures could only be better with someone by your side to share in the experience. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or first-time traveler, we’ll locate your perfect match.

It’s safe to assume that as a MissTravel member, you’re on-the-go. That’s why we’ve created an app so we can travel with you. Whether you’re in Paris, Rome, or your favorite local pizza parlor, you’ll always have access to our unique community from wherever you have internet. So what are you waiting for?

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by: India Bondley on 19 April 2017
Love to travel with unknown
by: Alex Ander on 4 January 2017
It works fine.. - Google Play Store
by: Gunjan Bagheshwar Verma on 5 January 2018
Does the Site crashed? Not working from 5th January 2018 what happened? - Google Play Store
by: MANOJ DHANWANI on 3 June 2017
Un thikable - Google Play Store
Great app, convenient, love it!
by: Maeebee on 2 January 2016
It's a great app, very convenient, and I love the background check feature. I just wish there was more of a variety age wise. But great app! - Apple App Store
Pretty darn good...
by: FerrisBueller58 on 11 November 2015
The iPhone app for MT works well with limited capability compared to the full web site. But no crashes, lock ups, or other bad stuff. No really sure how secure the messaging system is so I would never share any sensitive info by this site. No one should be doing that anyway in this forum.This is not s review of the MT site itself... Some minor issues there but the iOS app works at her well. - Apple App Store
Sign Up!!!
by: Rihanna101 on 22 July 2015
Great app! Very easy to use! - Apple App Store
by: Bipan Dewan Wadhawan on 10 July 2017
They discontinued the best option where we could offer a trip to any member and if they accepted then pay and connect - Google Play Store
by: Denise Hauser on 5 January 2017
It's good when it works but it keeps freezing and crashing. - Google Play Store
by: Ayayu Uyayu on 7 February 2018
Why i cant message or wink other? My completed task before message is not mark for aproved photos, i have photo on profile so whats wrong? Help - Google Play Store
by: Mig Wilson on 7 November 2017
Good app but a bit confusing and dont know where to go for activating profile, freezes alot of times , overall good , totally paid app, uninstalling cause dont see any useful ness - Google Play Store
by: Lunalove Confido on 15 September 2017
I can't send messages to anyone, you said my account has to be approved first, I don't undstnd . Please approve my profile - Google Play Store
by: Marie Barie on 17 March 2017
For the amount of money guys pay to be on this site seriously so many bugs is just unacceptable: -You can't view all of your messages/favorites lists. Scrolling stops after 24 (viewed me and favorites) positions, 34 messages (both inbox and sent) -You can't see your new travel offers on the app. - Nor the trips you liked on the website version! - On the app you can't see what someone's looking for (dating, travel partner etc.). It shows the same for every profile - On the app you can't see your list of blocked users - If you exchanged messages with someone your profile still can be seen after being deactivated if someone clicks on your avatar from their inbox - It never shows accurate time for your time zone. Always GTM+8 - moreover unreasonable messages from admin. My profile was 'denied' because 'names/contacts/other information are not allowed'. Very nice but I didn't give any of it. I can go on with much more bugs but I'm already tired. - Google Play Store
by: Jeremy Watkins on 6 November 2016
Good concept, but you're required to spend $$$ if you want to send/receive messages. Costs $26 for a 15 day membership. Makes the app useless in my opinion - Google Play Store
Full of Scammers
by: A Google User on 2 November 2016
This app is full of scammers. They post pretty women and then you don't know who you end up communicating with. They ask for money - whether it be to buy a visa, a plane ticket, an iTunes card, or anything. When they get what they want they go silent and next thing you know their profile is mystetiously removed by Miss Travel Admin. When asked why the profile was removed, MT Admin says they can't divulge that information. Do yourself a favor and try a different site. - Google Play Store
by: A Google User on 28 February 2018
The app doesn't allow going through with signing up, the location window doesn't work, when location is provided it tells to insert input location now allowing to proceed with signing up - Google Play Store
by: Dawn Spath on 13 September 2017
Keeps freezing up - Google Play Store
by: Jessica Marchelli on 30 July 2017
Mostly guys want to have sex but they don't want to pay the trip. Terrible. - Google Play Store
by: Val Guo on 13 July 2017
The app constantly freezes at the landing page (aka where you see the girl in the white bikini). - Google Play Store
by: Lisa T on 27 June 2017
Freezes a lot. If you accidently tap the heart for favorites, it won't let you untap it. I have to log into my internet and log into my account to unfavorite someone I accidently favorited on the app! Ridiculous! - Google Play Store
by: Arseniy Nisnevich on 1 April 2018
I liked the idea of application, but there are important spaces in the implementation: 1) It does not allow you to try it for free. To send a message to any person, you need to pay first. 2) People say it's lagging, and it was like that for me as well. The lags appeared for me as several seconds delay when opening/swiping lists of people. It really disturbs. My phone is Blackview BV6000, and it does not have performance problems with any other apps I ever used. I'd like to change the grade, if the things above will be resolved. Thanks! - Google Play Store
by: Pradeep Maheepala on 9 November 2017
Considering the fact that you charge way more than similar services do, this is like an app built by a college kid for as an assignment! Freezes frequently. Takes ages to refresh and reflect any updates. Your site is no different. It would say you have no results or something and then a few seconds later it starts populating results. Cookies are diabolical as they remember filters forever even if we reset filters. Now instead of sending me the default Allison reply, please read everyone's comments and upgrade your servers and the platform. It feels like the service is running on a home server. You cannot or should not go on like this. - Google Play Store
by: Nathan Small on 3 April 2017
Really expensive way to meet bots. There didn't seem to be many real women on here, and you couldn't do anything on the app unless yoh pay an insane monthly subscription fee. - Google Play Store
by: mary ann espiritu on 25 March 2017
Doesn't work - Google Play Store
by: Kartik Billimoria on 15 March 2017
Used to work but now I'm unable to log into my account.. cleared app data, uninstalled and installed again. No luck signing in. Only message comes up says login failed.. dumb app - Google Play Store
by: Getz Valerevich on 13 March 2017
This app is pathetic Most people on this app are scammers that want to strip you from money, others don't want to travel. You pay so much money to read msgs that are sent by their bot generated people just to keep you paying for membership. Once you have paid the conversation just stops.. Total scam. Don't bother. When a younger handsome man, with a great occupation, personally and attitude can't find a travel partner in the time of 6 months, you just don't even question it anymore. - Google Play Store
by: Nikita Lee on 20 February 2017
Simply doesn't work. - Google Play Store
by: Thomas on 19 February 2017
I upgraded to premium membership on Friday and now it's Sunday and I'm still waiting and it has not enabled yet how long does it take or their premium service to become active - Google Play Store
by: Metz Mania on 5 February 2017
App is getting worst even with 'bug fixes'. Loading app leads to a blank page. Clicking on notifications leads to a blank page. U can wink and favourite somebody but cant sent any msgs. U would have to pay to just read ur msgs. Virtually useless since u cant communicate on a 'social app' Id rather stick to lonelyplanet. - Google Play Store
by: Ujjwal Uniyal on 6 March 2018
Worst - Google Play Store