sunset in san francisco representing return to online dating sites

3. Single for the First Time in the Digital Age, Sorta

Suddenly I was single, having moved back to San Francisco from Santa Barbara. I’d only tried online dating sites once before getting married, so I decided to explore the digital dating landscape further. I...
marriage wedding photo with bride and groom

2. I Do, Until I Don’t, with Beauty and Love

I never thought I’d be part of a marriage. I also never thought I’d live to be thirty. The truth is, both events caught me off guard. I had had a lot of relationships...
portrait of jonathan delong as tech entrepreneur

1. An Introduction Executed as a Train Wreck

Full disclosure, this is not your typical founder’s blog and I am not your typical tech entrepreneur founder. My hope with this blog is to share the genesis of DatePerfect, and in doing so,...
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