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This is the DatePerfect Founder’s Blog. Read the story of a tech company and the personal narrative of its founder, Jonathan DeLong. See how Jonathan’s experiences with dating and marriage helped shape the vision of this company and its technology. At its heart, online dating is so human and vulnerable and we think the dating industry can do a much better job serving online daters. Once you’ve read all about the formation of the company, check out our tech in action!

Looking for the best dating sites? DatePerfect is totally here to help. First off, check out our dating site reviews for help choosing the best dating app or dating site for your needs. We have dating site reviews and feedback from real online daters just like you. See what people who have actually tried these dating sites have to say about their experiences. It’s about time the online dating industry got accountable to its users! Looking for even more support? Visit our articles for helpful dating advice, tips, and how-tos to help you get the most out of your online dating experience.

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After all, before you can find the right person, you have to start with the right dating site. It’s why DatePerfect was created in the first place. But you probably already knew that from reading our Founder’s Blog. Now it’s time to help DatePerfect become the single greatest resource for all things dating. How? You can help us simplify online dating by joining our community. Leave a dating site review for a site you’ve tried, share your two cents on an article in the comments section, or sign up for our mailing list to join the movement.

sunset in san francisco representing return to online dating sites

3. Single for the First Time in the Digital Age, Sorta

Suddenly I was single, having moved back to San Francisco from Santa Barbara. I’d only tried online dating once before getting married, so I decided to explore the digital dating landscape further. I wasn’t...
marriage wedding photo with bride and groom

2. I Do, Until I Don’t, with Beauty and Love

I never thought I’d be part of a marriage. I also never thought I’d live to be thirty. The truth is, both events caught me off guard. I had a lot of relationships before...
portrait of jonathan delong as tech entrepreneur

1. An Introduction Executed as a Train Wreck

Full disclosure, this is not your typical founder’s blog and I am not your typical tech entrepreneur founder. My hope with this blog is to share the genesis of DatePerfect, and in doing so,...
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