1. An Introduction Executed as a Train Wreck

portrait of jonathan delong as tech entrepreneur founder
jonathan delong tech entrepreneur dateperfect founder
Full disclosure, this is not your typical founder’s blog and I am not your typical tech entrepreneur founder. My hope with this blog is to share the genesis of DatePerfect, and in doing so, myself. This is more than a brand’s origin story. It is the inception of an idea within the context of a […]
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Jonathan Delong
Jonathan DeLong is hooked on tech, and has been working with startups and entrepreneurs for the last decade. With experience building global cross-functional teams for enterprise and infrastructure providers, to seeing garage-based startups from their ‘fast-pitches’ thru launch, he truly believes anything is possible. Often giving his time freely to both emerging entrepreneurs and philanthropy, Jonathan’s heart is as big as they come. When not deep in strategy and API based business models, you will find him swimming, on a road bike, or simply traveling globally. A San Francisco native and a graduate of the University of California in Santa Barbara, Jonathan currently lives on a sailboat in Oakland, California. Learn more on Jonathan's founder's blog: https://dateperfect.com/category/hot-topics/founders-blog