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DatePerfect - Industry Perspective

Like what you see? Want to get on board? Think we can do great things together?

At DatePerfect, we’re proud of what we have built, tickled by the amazing response, and flattered by offers of investment and partnership. So far, we have remained a scrappy, lean startup, self-funded, and laser-focused. We’ve only been beholden to bringing value to online daters, serving the dating industry as a whole, keeping our overhead as low as possible, and driving steadily toward profitability. This is a luxury many young companies do not get to enjoy. Now that we have achieved commercial launch, the time for true growth has come.

We are an experienced team and are structured to accommodate future partnerships. A Delaware C Corp, based in Oakland, with United States- and EU-awarded IP, we have managed to keep our CAP tables clean. With no outstanding convertible debt and low technical debt, our house is in order. Our rock-solid backend, innovative and stable frontend, and ingenious algorithms all utilize open-source elements to minimize the impact of expansion and scale. In a highly niched industry that often forces providers into vertical silos, we’ve managed to stay “horizontal” on two levels: 1) Delivering an elegant UI/UX for consumers who are trying to make sense of the noise, and 2) Providing an API for developers and analysts seeking a faster path to underlying data that drives their business.

We couldn’t resist the opportunity to make a joke about remaining ‘Horizontal in the Dating Space,’ but seriously: If the above gets you truly excited, your organization is expert in the dating industry, and you have a strong pitch for why we are better together than apart, please get in touch.

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