A Guide to Modern Jewish Dating

A Guide to Modern Jewish Dating

Modern Jewish dating has some old world traditions. Family relations are still really important and for most Jews, dating is not a casual affair. Many modern Jews date with the intent to marry, even today. If you want to know what to expect and how to succeed in Modern Jewish dating, keep reading.

Take It Seriously

Most Jewish men and women put a lot of stock on the first date. It’s important to make a good impression and be considerate. But if the date doesn’t go as planned, don’t despair: it’s common in Jewish culture to give a person a second chance. So even if there’s not a lot of chemistry or the setting wasn’t ideal, a second date may still be on the horizon.

Modesty’s In Style

Depending on how religious a person is, there will be varying degrees of modesty.  It’s best to take things slow with the knowledge that modesty is important and that sexuality can be viewed as sacred.

Go on a Few Dates

As mentioned above, many Jewish people believe in giving others a second chance. They don’t necessarily expect a spark or an instant connection. Jewish love is much more practical. It’s traditional in Jewish culture to go on multiple dates with a person before deciding whether or not marriage is a possibility. That being said, if the relationship is not working, this ought to be communicated. If things need to end, the best way to do it is by being kind but direct.

Matchmakers (and Mothers) Are Still a Thing

While an arranged marriage isn’t exactly the modern Jewish norm, most Jews do recieve input from family members about their love life. Often, Jewish people will place a lot of significance on family and shared values. This is why it’s often expected that Jews will include family members in their decision-making process. There are also all sorts of Jewish matchmaking services available, from big companies available in most urban areas to smalltown and amateur Jewish matchmakers, they’re all about helping you meet a nice Jewish boy or girl.

Learn the Customs

Since Jewish tradition dictates that a person is only Jewish if their mother is Jewish, there are some complications. Depending on how religious a person is, a Jewish man may not want to date a non-Jewish woman. On the other hand, a Jewish woman and her children are Jewish. Her partner’s status does not necessarily matter, making it easier for a Jewish woman to bring a non-Jewish man home.

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