two wedding rings on a cushion representing types of marriage

Types of Marriage: 3 Different Types of Union

The Types of Marriage Although there are various types of marriages, monogamy is the only type that is legally allowed in the United States. What is monogamy? It's a relationship in which each member has only...
bride and groom signifying history of marriage

History of Marriage and Why People Get Married

The history of marriage seems to be as old as human beings. Historically, marriages have been based on political alliances, financial security, and convenience. In certain cultures and eras, unions took place within families...
bride and groom on cake representing what is marriage

What is Marriage All About: Three Answers to the Question

Throughout the history of mankind, marriage has meant different things to different people. So, what is marriage all about? For some, it's been a contract for survival and procreation, for others a political arrangement,...
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