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Looking for the best Married Dating sites? Or the top Poly Dating Sites? Welcome to the Married Dating & Poly Dating Category at DatePerfect. Visit our consumer and expert dating site reviews for help choosing the best dating site for you. We also want to help you get the most out of online dating with our articles. Check them out if you’re looking for dating and relationship advice, tips, and how-tos. We created the Married Dating & Poly Dating Category with you in mind. This is because we want to provide you with all the online dating resources you need. Let DatePerfect help you find all the best dating sites and apps. We make it easy by letting you search all the dating sites available and showing you how they compare side by side. The result? Online dating just got a lot easier. Use DatePerfect to Find the Best Dating Sites We at DatePerfect believe that before you can find the right person, you have to find the right dating site. Above all, we are here to help you get what you're looking for out of online dating. No matter what you're trying to find, we want to help you find it. You can help us be the best and biggest resource to online daters by joining in the convo. Do this by reviewing a dating site you've tried, commenting on one of our articles, or signing up for our mailing list.

three people sitting on a bench staring out onto water representing Polyamorous Celebrities

Polyamorous Celebrities and How it Works for Them

Polyamorous dating is becoming more and more popular. With greater numbers than ever becoming open about romantic relationships and identity, the polyamorous lifestyle is becoming more mainstream. The traditional terms of monogamy are being...
rings signifying married dating

Married Dating: The Top Dating Sites for Married People

Whether you long for the thrill of an affair or are looking to explore polyamory, there is a wide variety of dating sites that cater to married adults. While not all sites are reliable...
Polyamory vs. Open Relationships

Open Relationships and Poly Dating: 3 Tips

In our day and age, love relationships are continuing to grow and change. We're going to look at how to succeed in these two types of modern relationships: polyamory and the open relationship. Keep...
woman on phone representing affair dating

Affair Dating: How to Keep Your Affair a Secret

In adult affair dating, the rules are a little different. Because of the secretive nature of this type of relationship, discretion is key. These married dating tips can help you find out how to...
woman with wedding ring on smart phone representing married dating sites

Married Dating Sites: 4 Ways They’ll Simplify Your Life

Married Dating Sites With the explosion of smartphones and social media these past few years, it can be near impossible to keep anything in your life private. This can be especially problematic if you have...
beautiful sexy woman representing best poly dating sites

Poly Dating Sites: Our Top 4 Picks

We know the dating scene can be hard to navigate. Different people are looking for different things and it can be hard to find someone who's looking for the same things in a relationship,...
hands making heart shape representing Polyamorous Relationship Rules that Can

Polyamorous Relationship Rules to Help Balance Your Life

Polyamorous Relationship Rules Being in a poly relationship is more than just juggling a bunch of partners; it's about being able to handle more than one emotional and physical relationship at the same time. Polyamory...
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