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We are taking a closer look at InterracialMatch and will share our thoughts when we have something meaningful or interesting to say. Please stay tuned.
Community Says is the best place for you if you are on the lookout for an online community that is dedicated to encouraging and sowing the seeds of interracial relationships. With hundreds of thousands of members choosing us to forge potential bonds, you will find it quick and easy to connect with someone who shares the same values and commitment to interracial dating as you do
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(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Thank You Interracial dating!

By PauloE.–347 Tue at 5:00 PM
I met the love of my life and now fianc̩ on this app! Great interface, responsive customer support, and user friendly. Downloading this app was the best decision of my life. РApple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  The Best Dating App Out There

By Danisha–12987 Tue at 5:00 PM
Don’t get bogged down with swiping. Stick with Interracial dating – best presentation, unique questions, great people on this app. Consider this before you download any other. – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Dating apocalypse annihilators

By fioymatyYY Tue at 5:00 PM
Love the new format. Easy to use and intuitive. Great to see a wholistic profile and the available questions are insightful and relevant. Swiping is for the birds! – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Awesome

By yaomokiMOKY Tue at 5:00 PM
Connections & conversation much better quality than the swiping apps. Love the UI; allows a good mix of photo showcase and personality through responses but keeps everything neat & tidy. – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Awesome Idea and Well Done!!!

By Bernd coodman*** Tue at 5:00 PM
Who doesn’t wanna automatically have people in common. Plus, it’s synced through Facebook so you’ll actually be more apt to meet someone who didn’t bs their profile. – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Great dating app

By Jemal Omir*13456 Tue at 5:00 PM
Easy to use and great UI. Still free, which is great. The only con is that you have primarily get matched up with friends of friends from Facebook. Take that for what it’s worth. – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  The future of dating apps

By Uallen-HF Tue at 5:00 PM
I was skeptical about the relaunch of Interracial dating but the casual interaction with user profiles is a whole new take on breaking the ice in the online world. Love it, nice work – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Met a great guy!!

By Hawkzterr.1-2356 Tue at 5:00 PM
I usually stay far away from online dating because it feels so fake and focused on hooking up. This app is simple and has interesting and genuine people on it. Good luck to you! – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  So good

By Kimcho-AD Tue at 5:00 PM
This is the perfect amount of information. I usually have to weed through a lot of people on tinder and bumble but this app lets me set preferences for the my deal breakers which is great. – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  It’s AMAZING

By “muhana salameh “–235 Tue at 5:00 PM
It allows you to really connect with others, and pick who and what you don’t like. Only wanna date a certain race? This makes them easier to find! They even have groups you can join!! – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Love this!

By Lottie 2311/1577 Mon at 5:00 PM
Makes meeting people so much easier. Since its reaches friends of my friends, I feel a little more confident that this means of digital dating wont end my sister up with creepy weirdo’s. – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Thanks Interracial dating!

By Darius Sakid26899 Mon at 5:00 PM
I love the new version of this app. It’s aesthetically beautiful to use, and I can see my matches as real people I would actually want to date as opposed to random single gym selfies. – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Great app

By JulianDJJ/235 Mon at 5:00 PM
“This app is better than any other “”””dating “””” app out there . It doesn’t look like it’s filled with spam like tinder or ok Cupid . I wish more people used this instead of those other ones.” – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  So much better than Tinder

By NobVmanG7 Mon at 5:00 PM
When I view someone’s profile on Interracial dating, I feel as though I am getting a small taste of who they are as a person in addition to the photos. I cannot say the same for Tinder. – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Get this app!

By Danacio77:23 Mon at 5:00 PM
The new Interracial dating is so awesome! Not having to match with someone to be able to interact is the best and it’s such a nice ego boost on the reg when someone likes your pictures. Get. This. App. – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Great Dates!

By Zahidulla@@@@ Mon at 5:00 PM
I love the incorporation of Facebook! All my dates have been fantastic. Only one guy who didn’t handle reject well and later apologized but I think that’s unrelated to the quality of the app. – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Fulfilling digital dating.

By Lieuthutram-1988 Sun at 5:00 PM
Interracial dating is great. The people on it are diverse and I appreciate the mutual connection aspect. Good alternative for people who want a bit more to select from than just appearances. – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Best dating app out there!

By Ninosuschk20765444 Sun at 5:00 PM
My fiancé and I met using this app and are getting married in January! Best dating app out there. Best of luck to everyone trying to find their soulmate. I found mine on Interracial dating 🙂 – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  A+

By Lucas Freiter//3455 Sun at 5:00 PM
Quality individuals (women for me), polished, and unique. Deserves the 5 stars. It has connected me with the girl that I am currently dating. Haven’t had this same luck with any other app. Thanks Interracial dating! – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Met my fiancé on here!

By Nanetta1998-20000021 Sun at 5:00 PM
Went on my first Interracial dating date last June and met a wonderful man who just proposed to me last weekend. We’d both been on other dating sites at the same time, but Interracial dating brought us together! – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Simply the best

By Tigon198665555 Sun at 5:00 PM
There’s no better dating app. It’s designed for finding someone who meets your requirements, while also allowing people to get their voice and personality through to the other person. Great app – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  It works

By Craigyb19-467999 Sat at 5:00 PM
The latest update asked if I could rate the app. I said sure, I’ll give you guys 5 stars. In reality, the app operates a little slow. Most of my matches don’t respond, but I can’t blame that on the app. Boom! Done – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) ( )  Bias free, interracial relationship furnishing, authentic

By Gil Araneeeeeeeer Sat at 5:00 PM
As a man of color, it’s often challenging to overcome the natural racial bias dating apps create. Interracial dating is the closest thing to a real life encounter in a virtual era. Thank you❤️💛💚💙 – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Want different go Clover

By Mimosa1+21+2 Sat at 5:00 PM
I’ve been on a good amount of dating sites, but this app is different from any other app I’ve ever been on. I enjoy the mixers and the energy is great on clover. Two thumbs up from me. – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Real Connections, real people -love!

By MarkGootale-47999766 Sat at 5:00 PM
I can’t say enough nice things about this app – get off tinder – it’s the ‘MySpace’ of the dating world and try Interracial dating – because it’s time to find someone and something real 🙂 – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Best app I’ve used

By Chaparaaaa–0979966 Sat at 5:00 PM
There’s not as many people as tinder, but the people on here actually want something meaningful which is why I use it. Great options and filters! – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  The badge notification doesn’t go away!

By shiela24–35677 Sat at 5:00 PM
The badge notification doesn’t go away after you check a message. It’s super annoying. You can hide their message and it will but then the whole convo is hidden, not ideal. – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Great App

By Timotop/24788990 Fri at 5:00 PM
Much cleaner idea than any of the other people finding apps. I love that it limits you to a certain number per day and uses your extended Facebook network. High quality people. Works best in bigger cities. – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Engaged Now

By meiiili1000000 April 5 at 5:00 PM
I only ever went on two Interracial dating dates. The first was pretty good. The second ended up becoming my fianc̩ and best friend. I would say this app is like Discover Weekly on Spotify versus just endless Pandora. РApple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Great app!

By Attila1996aaaaaa April 5 at 5:00 PM
This is a very well thought out app. I love that it gives me a better sense of who the woman is Im speaking to not just what she looks like in a bathing suit..though those photos are appreciated as well 😉 – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  The best out there

By Minimalnegg09887787 April 5 at 5:00 PM
This app really went downhill after they went through a rebranding. It has since come on strong and I would consider it the best dating app out there now. Quality of people is far and away the best. – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Best dating app available

By EODbooom!mmm3333 April 5 at 5:00 PM
I’ve tried them all and this is hands-down the best dating app available. It’s clean, easy to use, and provides the best matches of any service. It’s about time social media was used for dating! – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  One of the best dating apps

By KoEzryyyyyyy.123 April 5 at 5:00 PM
I really like this version, it is profile rich and feels much smoother than the previous versions. Unlimited recommendations, oh especially the recommendations are great if I say so to myself. – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Amazing app

By angelbonille578988 April 5 at 5:00 PM
This is my favorite dating app! The people on here are a lot more respectful than the people I’ve met on tinder or bumble. I really like the videos on peoples profiles. I can get a better sense of who they are which is cool – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  A Breath of Fresh Air

By mariafoteeeee666667 April 5 at 5:00 PM
“Interracial dating set out to create a very unique layout, making your profile more about your personality & your “”Story”” then swiping through faces. I think this is a great new start to a dating app – Nice work Interracial dating!” – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Well Designed

By Hra-02—-1998 April 5 at 5:00 PM
This app is extremely well designed and I am sure it will gain a lot of popularity. There aren’t a ton of people on it yet (at least in my area) but give it a month and I bet there will

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Best dating app

By Linhle129877 April 4 at 5:00 PM
I met my boyfriend here and it’s the best & healthiest interracial relationship I’ve ever had. If you want something real. Use this. The rest of the apps out there are things you can find in a bar…which defeats the purpose. – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Most interactive

By Binguhha135677 April 4 at 5:00 PM
The app itself is fine, even with their limitations. My experience has been that the women on Interracial dating are most willing to have a conversation. I don’t know if you can really give Interracial dating the credit for that, but maybe! – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Great App

By Laofen000887 April 4 at 5:00 PM
The reviews here are very harsh. Yes, the photo set up is slightly annoying, but other than that, this app is great. Girls are much more likely to meet you in person when you have friends in common (or friends of friends). – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  My favorite!

By Khonghengiiii111 April 4 at 5:00 PM
Love it. Have gone on a lot of great dates from Interracial dating. Like that the profile has really interesting questions and makes it easier to connect with people on substance. Good way to start conversations, not just like pics. – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Perfection in online dating

By Khongten55555 April 4 at 5:00 PM
Interracial dating has a simple interface with a quick and seamless setup, supported by the smartest and most attractive user base of any online dating app. Period. I’ve tried all of them and only keep one on my phone. Just do it. – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Decent dating app

By King Pushkin Virginia March 31 at 5:00 PM
Probably as good as any dating app gets. They’re all pretty much a wasteland but at least this one is free and you can get some results if you’re diligent and patient. – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Lovely

By Gotham Buffon March 31 at 5:00 PM
It’s lovely site to connect to some good friends. I am fan of OkInterracial … I would like that it makes little more easier for contacts. – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Def gotten Better

By Youths rush March 31 at 5:00 PM
I haven’t met someone yet, but I’m still trying to. Happy searching everyone! Welcome to online dating. – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  So far so good

By Rowdy gorider March 31 at 5:00 PM
This app will not be for everyone, but I’ve met some valuable people and have been treated very well. I imagine i would have never met these awesome guys on a coffee or grocery run, so I’m grateful for the catches I’ve managed to find. We’ll see! – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Try it

By Worlds divided March 31 at 5:00 PM
It works good but I’m not to sure what problem I’m having with finding girls. Great app,new to this and it looks promising – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Love starts with you, thank you

By Right fields March 30 at 5:00 PM
You are a good friend of the Internet, you brought me love, you are great, Ilove you, I will continue to support you. – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Options

By Backend field March 30 at 5:00 PM
It does give you quite a bit of options in meeting people. It is what you make of it. Highly recommend this app. – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Not bad

By Hushed Hebrew brig March 30 at 5:00 PM
Meet and greet during the weekdays and dates on the weekends. It feels good to have a choice in the variety men on this site. – Apple App Store

(*)(*) (*) (*) (*)  Best dating app!

By Foeifje melding fowls March 30 at 5:00 PM
Been on few other, this app beats them. Only issues I’ve found are certain interests do not register correctly. – Apple App Store

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