Courtship in Islam

Dating and courtship vary greatly across time and culture. In this article, we’re going to look at courtship in Islam and explain some of the key parts of the Muslim courtship process. If you want to learn about Muslim dating or are interested in dating a Muslim, this is a good place to start. We’ll help you understand why Muslims court, what that looks like, and how to succeed in Muslim courtship.

It Starts with Prayer

Praying is the first step to take if you’re a single Muslim who wants to get married. As in many religions, prayer in Islam is a big deal. When it comes to marriage values, prayer is the foundation. Devout Muslims will start by asking their god to send their perfect, better half. The person seeking a spouse isn’t the only one asking Allah for guidance, however; the person’s family is also seeking guidance when it comes to a spouse.

The Process of Courtship

Wondering what the Islamic courtship process looks like? Usually, it can be divided into these four parts:

  • First, the person who wants to get married says a special prayer asking Allah for marriage.
  • This person’s family then convenes to choose marital candidates whom they feel would make a good spouse for their loved one.
  • The family then agrees upon the prospective mate who has the best qualities for their loved one.
  • The person seeking marriage may accept the marriage offer or decline it.

If all parties agree that the marriage is ideal, the couple begins to spend time together accompanied by a chaperone. A chaperone is necessary to guarantee the young couple does not fall into physical temptation.

Why Muslims Court Instead of Date

Most conservative Muslims today practice courtship in the same way their ancestors did. It’s generally believed that unchaperoned dating will lead to premarital sex, which is considered sinful. These Scriptures encourage unmarried men and women to maintain their chastity until marriage. The Quran also encourages Muslims to marry and start families, which is the reason many who consider themselves practicing Muslims consider marriage so important.


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