Modern Muslim Dating Explained

Modern Muslim Dating Explained

Traditional Muslim dating may be very different from today’s modern dating trends. The Islamic faith has specific ideals when it comes to dating and, if you want to understand modern muslim dating, it helps to get familiar with Muslim culture. We’ll help you understand what to expect when you begin dating a Muslim.

What Dating Means to Muslims

Like we said, modern Muslim dating is pretty different from the kind of dating that seems normal to the culture at large. For more traditional Muslims, physical intimacy is very rare before marriage and there is not likely to be any alone time or unchaperoned hanging out, unless the couple has gotten married. Before you’re able to spend alone time with a Muslim, you will probably be expected to date with a chaperone, usually a family member, who will be with the two of us every time we are together.

 The Importance of Marriage

In traditional Islamic culture, there is a overwhelming emphasis on the importance of marriage. A Muslim family will usually go to great lengths to ensure that their son or daughter ends up married to the person they feel is the right one. Muslim marriage is not something to be taken lightly. Traditionally, the end-game in Muslim dating is marriage, a major life decision that involves the full participation of the family.

Meeting Muslims Online

There are plenty of Muslim men and women joining modern Muslim marriage sites in search of the right person to spend their life with. These are not hookup-based dating sites, so please don’t try to use them like a Muslim Tinder. Instead, most Muslim dating sites exist more as a way for these men and women to reach a broader audience and get to know a larger community. Usually, the same rules apply on Islamic dating sites: once the two people decide to meet, a family member will step in to chaperon the meeting.

The First Date

Whether the two of you met online or were introduced through the family, you should be prepared to date in a group environment. Most traditional Muslims take literally the Quran’s injunction that couples should meet alone unless accompanied by a relative.


You might wonder why the family is so involved in the dating process. The main reason is to make sure the couple doesn’t give in to physical temptation and to help decide if a couple is compatible. Over 50 percent of all US marriages end in divorce within a few years. In the Muslim world, marriage is considered sacred and all the extra effort during the dating phase is designed to help align two individuals for a long life together in a loving relationship.

Modern Muslim Dating

With more and more Muslim families moving to the United States, some changes have taken place in the world of modern Muslim dating. In some cases, the rules have been relaxed, and will allow singles Muslims access to dating sites in the hopes that they will find someone marriageable. If the couple receives the blessing of the family, they can enter into a marriage contract, allowing them more time together as they discover if they are in fact compatible enough to marry. The final end in all of these traditional customs is to strengthen the bond between a couple and guide them in their life decision.

Family involvement helps assure that dating is based on a careful evaluation of compatibility rather than on physical urges. Though these customs may sound overly formal, they actually exist to help young couples and can serve to strengthen a relationship over time.


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