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Online Dating Site Reviews and Comparison by DatePerfect

If Kayak and Yelp had a love child, it would be DatePerfect. Before you can find the right person, you have to find the right dating site. Use DatePerfect for Online Dating Site Reviews...
microscope looking at pheromones representing new dating app

New Dating App Whose Personality Test is… Your DNA

A new dating app called Pheramor uses your DNA as its matching algorithm. According to research, genetics and pheromones have everything to do with attraction. Want to find out where you can get your cheek...
hand holding rose with ring in it representing divorce rate

The Divorce Rate Isn’t What You Think

Divorce Rate Factors New information on the divorce rate shows that factors like age and college education have a big impact on the statistical probability of divorce. As a result, people may be making some...
people gathered around tablet representing tinder sucks

Tinder Sucks: Beyond Swipe-Based Dating

Tinder Sucks Swipe-based dating is getting old. The craze, which started with Tinder, has been steadily losing popularity over the past couple of years. Many people are saying the same thing: Tinder sucks. But what...
lightbulb with chalkboard representing sapiosexual dating

Sapiosexual Dating: Show Me That Big, Sexy… Brain

Sapiosexual Dating There's been a lot of talk about sapiosexuals and sapiosexual dating these days. So, what does sapiosexual mean? A sapiosexual is someone who finds intellect and intelligence sexually stimulating or arousing. In other...
keyboard made out of candy hearts representing dating a coworker

Dating a Coworker: Online Dating and the Workplace

Dating a Coworker Have you ever considered dating a coworker? Some people make it work in the best possible way and for others, workplace dating spells disaster. Niche dating sites are always keen to capitalize...
stylized drawing of servent with meal tray being spanked representing bdsm hotel

BDSM Hotel: The Newest Bed and Breakfast Options

Say you and your person want to take a relaxing vacation. But instead of a beach, pool, or complimentary breakfast, you're more interested in dungeons, whips, and cuffs. The new BDSM hotel options are making...
stylized picture of two people having political debate representing bernie singles vs trump dating

Bernie Singles vs Trump Dating: Where Do You Stand?

Politics has always been heated. That tension has been particularly evident in the current political climate. And niche dating sites like Bernie Singles and Trump Dating have been popping up to meet this demand....
stylized image of people sitting at table on date looking at phones representing dating fatigue

Dating Fatigue: The Struggle Is Real, Guys

if you wound up on DatePerfect, chances are you feel us on this one. Online dating is hard for so many reasons and people need more resources than are currently available to them. This...
people on phones in bar representing Tinder and the Dawn of the Dating Apocalypse

“Tinder and the Dawn of the Dating Apocalypse” Review

Tinder and the Dawn of the Dating Apocalypse In this provocative article, Tinder and the Dawn of the Dating Apocalypse, Vanity Fair’s Nancy Jo Sales takes us through the (vaguely) depressing reality of today’s swipe-based hookup apps....
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