DatePerfect Reviews “Tinder and the Dawn of the ‘Dating Apocalypse’” by Nancy Jo Sales via Vanity Fair


In this provocative article, Vanity Fair’s Nancy Jo Sales takes us through the (vaguely) depressing reality of today’s swipe-based hookup apps. Finding sex online has become as easy as ordering food and the ensuing hookup culture, privileging whoever cares less, is having a negative impact on heterosexual women. Modern women contend with a corrosive sexual double standard, where women end up less and less respected; some young men interviewed believe women and men are equal participants in this culture of disrespect. So where does this leave us? In a world with less intimacy and less authenticity, probably. And maybe at the dawn of the dating apocalypse.

So before you start barbecuing rodents on your post-apocalyptic trash can fire, check out the online dating scene for yourself. Click here to compare thousand of dating communities.


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