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How to Love Longterm: Desire, Romance and Farts

We’re really going for it, farts and all. Seriously, get ready for the major levels of intimacy the LTR requires. In a long term relationship that feels a little unenthusiastic? We’ve got a bunch of good stuff to help you add some spark, passion, and connection.


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In short, this eBook really goes for it, farts and all. Seriously, get ready for the major levels of intimacy the LTR requires. For instance, if you’re in a long term relationship that feels a little unenthusiastic, we’ve got a bunch of good stuff to help you add some spark, passion, and connection to your relationship. On the other hand, if you’re dating someone you really like and think you’re in store for some long term loving, this eBook has a bunch of useful info to help you make it last.

Want to know more about what we will we cover in this eBook? First off, we’ll look at what kind of groundwork you can do personally to prepare for the intimacy and closeness of love longterm. After that, we’ll get messy and look at the actual process of falling in love, including how long it takes to fall in love, what love feels like, and when to say those three little words. Subsequently, we’ll dive into compatibility and the other factors that help to keep love going strong, before offering some actionable tips for how to rekindle love and romance in an LTR.

In addition to that, we also have plenty to say about facing relationship problems together, the importance of communication, and how to have fun and be active with some couple activities (that don’t suck, we promise). In conclusion, we'll share some sexy suggestions to help you keep things spicy in the bedroom and passionate period.

Looking for even more of the good stuff? That's why we're here! Scroll down to read the full table of contents and read an excerpt from the eBook itself.

How to Love Long Term: Desire, Romance, and Farts Table of Contents:

1. So, What is a Relationship?
2. Love Yourself First (Any Bieber Fans out There?)
3. Am I Ready for a Relationship?
4. The Long Term Relationship
5. How Long Does It Take to Fall in Love?
6. What Does Love Feel Like?
7. When to Say I Love You (Hint: Not the First Time You Have Sex)
8. The True Definition of Love that even Your Grandma Would Agree With
9. Love Compatibility: Beyond the Zodiac Chart
10. Are Soulmates even a Thing?
11. Couples in Love: What They All Do
12. The Honeymoon Phase and Beyond
13. And Romantic Gestures for the Cynical
14. Signs of a Healthy Relationship
15. The Stages of Love (Including the Fart Stage)
16. How to Rekindle a Relationship
17. How to Make a Relationship Last
18. Facing Relationship Problems Together
19. Celebrating Relationship Milestones
20. Why is Communication Important?
21. Communication in Relationships
22. Here's How to Be a Better Husband
23. How to Be a Better Wife
24. Hobbies for Couples (It's Dorky, but Come On)
25. Couples Activities that You'll Actually Enjoy
26. How to Keep a Committed Relationship Hot
27. Foreplay Ideas to Keep it Racy in the Bedroom
28. Different Sex Positions to Spice it Up
29. Passionate Love that Lasts


"We’ve all heard people talk about their “one true love” or “forever soulmate.” But what is a soulmate? Usually, it’s the one and only person who’d make the perfect partner for you. But is that even a real thing?

So, in our quest for information, we asked the internet. The great goddess Google told us that a soulmate is "a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner." This definition makes it sound like a real thing. Plus, we’ve probably all heard friends claim they’ve met their soulmate. And hey, more power to them.

But at DatePerfect, we’re data experts. So let’s look at the numbers. This is why we like the perspective in a book called What If? Above all, the author looks at the idea of a soulmate in terms of number and data. On other words, with this kind of logical and mathematical approach, the notion of a single soulmate doesn’t really hold up. Furthermore, if we presume that every person in the world has one soulmate around their age, you'd have to live 10,000 lifetimes in order to even see your soulmate as a stranger on the street. To sum up, we’re not loving those odds."

Ready to learn How to Love Longterm? Above all, we want to help you get what you need. So check out our great suggestions on the LTR in this eBook now.

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