Senior People Meet: All About Senior Dating

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It’s probably not a surprise to hear that most people want romantic relationships regardless of their age. While seniors may have some stereotypes to contend with when it comes to dating, we’re happy to report that seniors are a growing community in the dating space. So where do senior people meet? Keep reading to find out! If you’re a senior who’s interested in testing out the online dating waters, there are few things you should know before you get started.

Is Age Just a Number?

It seems like age-related hangups are mostly something that younger daters deal with. If you’re a senior who wants to date other seniors, age probably isn’t that important in your world. reports that men and women over the age of fifty-five, frequently don’t have a strong bias against dating someone who is younger or older than them. Good news, seniors! Your dating pool just got bigger.

What About Looks?

The photo that someone puts up on their dating profile is wildly important to a younger audience, but older folks just don’t care as much. Looks are far less important to seniors than is personality. A lot of younger people like to say that this is the case for them as well, but, surprise, surprise, their actions tell a different story. For older people, it really seems to be the truth. Since physical beauty tends to fade with age, it’s probably a good thing that biologically people are designed to not focus on this as much once they get older. Thanks, Evolution! Seniors usually want to get to know the person they’re talking with on a personal and emotional level, making the looks factor much less important. 

How Many Singles Are There?

According to a study conducted by, about half the population over the age of 50 is single. These are people who may well have been married in the past, but who may also have gone through a divorce and never remarried. Some never got married in the first place. Good news, ladies and gentlemen! There are plenty of people in your age group who would be more than happy to date you.

Where Do Senior People Meet?

So, now you want to know where senior people meet. When it comes to senior dating, dinner dates take the cake. In general, the senior crowd would prefer a quiet evening that will allow them to get to know their date on a more personal level and dinner is a great way to get to know someone. You can learn about what type of foods they like, what kind of atmosphere suits them, and anything else that you feel inspired to ask about. Go ahead, you two, get to know each other!

How Should You Get to Know Each Other?

For the most part, the senior crowd would prefer to meet their dates out in the real world. In person is the most comfortable and reliable way to get to know someone you’re interested in. The younger generation sees online dating as a good way to get to know someone, but seniors can sometimes see it as a burden and usually prefer talking face-to-face. It turns out that even seniors who do initially meet online, tend to take their dating activities out into the real world pretty quickly. Seems like a good policy to us!

If you were wondering how senior people meet, we hope this article was helpful! You can’t go wrong following these general senior dating suggestions. Tired of reading and ready for dating? Click to see our top Senior Dating Sites Reviews now.

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