Dating Someone Who Has HSV


Research states that nearly 20 million cases of HSV occur each year in the United States. If you’ve just been diagnosed, it can be hard to imagine what your dating life will look like moving forward. We’re happy to report that STD dating isn’t that different from any other kind of dating. The key components of a good relationship are still trust, communication, and honesty. Love is everywhere, you just have to know where to look.

It may be difficult for people to have been diagnosed with HSV to start a relationship because they’re afraid to disclose the status of their sexual health. We think the best policy in terms of sexual health is to be honest and straightforward from the getgo. If you’re the HSV positive member of a relationship, you’ll feel a lot of relief and freedom knowing that your partner knows the full story and accepts you. If you are HSV-free, you deserve to have all the information before making a decision to become physically intimate.

Though an HSV-free person might have fears of dating someone with the virus, HSV does not have to be the determining factor of whether a relationship will work or not. There are plenty of couples who have healthy and successful relationships where one member has HSV and the other doesn’t. Through antiviral medications and preventive measures, it’s possible to keep from infecting an HSV-free partner.

We think it’s more reasonable to let HSV be one factor in deciding whether or not to pursue a relationship with a new partner. Let a positive STD status be one element among many. Do you feel safe and comfortable with this person? Do you click well together and have chemistry? Shared mutual interests and hobbies? Are you emotionally and sexually attracted to each other? Don’t let a positive HSV status get in your way of finding happiness if you are want to be with someone who has the virus.

If you have decided you’re interested in pursuing a relationship with an HSV positive partner, we think it’s a good idea to sit down and have a conversation about what this means. Talk with your new partner about their HSV status, ask them about their experience, visit their GP together to ask about prevention and safe sex practices.┬áSome good practices to follow are to use protection and to avoid sharing razors or other sharp objects.

You might also want to consider joining an STD dating community, where other singles with positive HSV and other STD statuses can meet and mingle in a safe and comfortable environment. We like PositiveSingles the best.

Be open with one another right from the start and things will be easier down the line. HSV doesn’t have to stand in the way of a successful and happy love life!

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