Sugar Daddy for Me: How to Find and Keep a Sugar Daddy

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Sugar Daddy for Me

Once you find a reliable sugar daddy, you’ll want to do everything you can to keep him happy for the long term. One reason many sugar daddy relationships stop working is that boundaries are not discussed openly and directly. If you want to keep a sugar daddy close you need to make the rules of engagement crystal-clear from the start. Remember that both of you have your own lives outside of the relationship and it’s best to keep things that way. Here is Sugar Daddy for Me: 5 tips to help you find and keep a sugar daddy:

Set Clear Boundaries Now

When the two of you first met, you’ll probably both be on your best behavior. The trouble with this type of relationship is that being polite and setting clear boundaries are often in direct contradiction. Even though it may feel awkward or uncomfortable early on, setting clear boundaries now will prevent all kinds of confusion and miscommunication which might otherwise mean the end of your relationship. Set the rules and boundaries today, that way there won’t be confusion as things progress.

Never Feel Obligated

Once the boundaries are set, agree that this is how things will be moving forward. Once the relationship develops, never feel obligated to do more than what you feel comfortable agreeing to. Since the rules have already been made clear,  you are not obligated to be or do anything more. This way both you and your sugar daddy can stay within your comfort zones.

Separate Your Emotions

If the arrangement you have is more physical, do your best to keep your emotions separate. It is human nature to fall in love with someone you have a physical relationship with, but this is different. Both parties have to be clear up front that regardless how great things are in the moment, the relationship can’t go outside the boundaries that are set for it. If your sugar daddy has someone at home, this means that falling for him could be the end of your arrangement.

Don’t Cross That Line

When the relationship starts and both of you agree to its conditions, stick to them. If it’s agreed this is just a physical relationship, emotional attachments must be checked at the door. You can’t go back once you cross that line. Be sure you set a line that is clear for both parties and that both of you know the line cannot be crossed or your relationship might be over.

Give Him His Space

One of the fastest ways to scare him off is to start getting too involved in his personal life. If your arrangement is physical, then he doesn’t have to explain who else he is with, where he is going, or what he has planned this week. He might want you to be the uncomplicated part of his otherwise very complicated life. Make this easier by sticking to your boundaries and keeping your personal lives separate.

We hope you enjoyed this post: Sugar Daddy for Me. Finding a sugar daddy is easy, but keeping the right one can be a real challenge. Setting firm ground rules from the start goes a long way to help. If you follow these tips, your relationship will have a firm foundation and will keep working as long as you want it to. Click to see the best sugar daddy sites now.

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