About Date Perfectly

The Date Perfectly team came together in 2009 with a shared goal of helping regular men and women find incredible dating success by figuring out how to “date perfectly” given what they bring to the table. They are a group of men and women that have had insanely good success dating despite the advantages of good looks, money, or fame. Using what they’ve learned first-hand they’ve been able to coach many thousands of other singles to finding similar success themselves.

There are many so called “dating experts” out there and most of them have serious advantages that most men or women don’t.

They are often very attractive, in great shape, and have excellent style. It’s also common for them to be in other demographics that make dating and attracting the opposite sex a lot easier. These are attributes and traits that are not necessarily teachable so many singles struggle to use the same methods that these “experts do”.

This is where the Date Perfectly team is different!

Our dating coaches were not blessed with great looks or lots of money. They had to make the most of their very average starting position to find the success they want. They did it and so can you!

The Date Perfectly Team

Omar Patton has been a Dating Coach and Confidence Coach for over a decade. He is a founding member of Date Perfectly and has personally helped thousands of men find incredible dating success. Omar has developed a particularly successful system for online dating that allows singles to get the best results in the shortest amount of time. His advice has also been published in many national and global publications. He is available for 1-on-1 coaching as well as speaking engagements. 

Dating Coach Ed Alonzo

Ed Alonzo is a founding member of Date Perfectly and a long-time dating coach. One of the most recognized masters of online dating Ed has created a method of meeting and attracting women online that has been incredibly successful. You have likely read some of his advice in the many major publications he’s been featured in. Ed is available for 1-on-1 coaching in addition to his writing for Date Perfectly.

Dating Coach Grant Wallace

Grant Wallace is a founding member of Date Perfectly and an extremely experienced Dating and Relationship Coach. The “old man” on the Date Perfectly team, Grant has had great success coaching men of all ages. Grant has become especially good at helping men who typically don’t have success dating online find great results. He is also one of the most popular coaches for men over the age of 35.

Dating Coach Kenny Liu

Kenny Liu has been a Dating Coach for over a decade and has been particularly successful helping minority men and women find success in their dating lives. After immigrating to the United States a boy he quickly learned that he needed to develop a different skill set to attract the attention from the girls he was interested in. Kenny’s approach is applicable to men of all ages and races and works especially well with men in a position similar to his.