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    DatePerfect Says... Review Introduction:

    Lots of your friends are currently in long-term relationships -- and while you’re certainly happy for them, that’s just not what you’re looking for right now. Instead, your focus is more on casual sex and dating and connecting with people you can enter into a mutually beneficial arrangement with. Whether you’re interested in a one-time encounter, want to get more sexual experience, or are trying to find a “friends with benefits,” you know that you don’t want anything too serious. You want to use online dating and hookup sites to help you find others who feel the same way. is one site that can certainly offer that. Before you create a profile, you want to study up on reviews to make sure it’s a good fit for you. Read on to access DatePerfect’s review and summary of what is all about. Users:

    One of the best things the Passion dating site has to offer is its inclusivity. It’s open to single men, women, and gender non-conforming individuals of all sexual orientations. Couples who are interested in casual sex are also welcome to join to connect with other singles and swinging couples. is primarily for casual and fast intimate encounters, with no strings attached. That’s not to suggest that relationships or lasting arrangements can’t be formed on this site, but just that it’s not the primary goal of people who sign up with However, it’s certainly open to all age ranges, experience levels, and even those who are interested in exploring kinkier sex. Chat:

    Okay, your new account is registered and ready to go...and so are you. It's time to start chatting with some hotties. Most dating sites have a chat feature that lets you get to know the site's members on a more personal level. But the most modern hookup sites have features like voice and video chat, so you can get to know potential partners a little more intimately. Found someone you want to connect with? Just send out a couple of messages to the members you're most interested in. If you want to see who's online and ready to chat, it's super easy to find out. Just use the search feature to scroll through a list of members who match your criteria. Once you find the people you want to connect with, it's super easy to reach out and start a conversation. Profiles:

    So now it's time to get your profile ready for some action. Start by navigating to the log in page and sign in to your account. We know that this site is all about hookups and casual sex, but that still isn't an excuse to be sleazy. Use your profile as an opportunity to be your most desirable and attractive self. Most hookup sites will ask you questions to help you find the best possible matches.

    The questions are pretty concise, so answering all of them is a totally doable task. And yes, we definitely suggest answering all of them. They have to do with your desires, ideals, and bottom lines, so the more information you share, the more compatible your matches will be. We know, filling out your dating site profile isn't exactly your idea of a good time. But put some effort into yours and we promise it will pay dividends. For the record, a good profile always includes several profile pictures. Imagine you wanted to search for matches and all the profiles you saw only had a single picture? It's just not the way to get clicks, likes, and messages. Take a little time to feel good about your profile and we promise you won't regret it.


    According to our research, this dating site has an app available for iPhone and Android. The mobile app is a pretty good experience. While it's more convenient to stay signed in using your app, some people might not want to download it. If this sounds like you, we want to let you know that you can get basically all the same features using the mobile site instead of the app. If you open the site in your mobile browser, you'll be able to access the desktop features using your phone. Whether you decide to download the app or not, the good news is that you've got a lot of options for how to interact with the site.


    • The “Online-Only” Options: We love that there are tons of ways you and your partner can have fun without having to meet up in person. Watch -- or star in -- a webcam show, check out and comment on member photos, and even participate in polls and conversations in the online community.
    • Cupid Preferences: also allows you to list your “Cupid Preferences.” You can edit the age range, gender/sexual orientation, and even marital status of people you’re interested in hooking up with at any time. That way, you’ll always be able to keep your options open and try something new!


    • Limited Access for Free Members: Unfortunately, you just won’t be able to get much out of without ponying up a bit of cash -- and the site is definitely designed to encourage you to pay for a membership. Of course, the upside is that people who are willing to pay are serious about getting what they want out of their experience on the site.
    • Potential Flakes: This certainly isn’t something that’s specific to, but rather happens a lot when you sign up for a website that’s primarily based around casual encounters. Members that you talk to might sound ready for anything. You might invest a lot of your time in planning a meeting and setting limits and expectations. But as soon as you talk about really meeting up, they disappear. Be prepared to deal with this, and try to look at it as a rite of passage.

    Special Features: certainly has no shortage of special features. You can enter into adult chat rooms, access live webcam feeds and check out naughty photos, and you can even connect with members close to your current location. The site also ranks its hottest photos and videos, most popular members, and much more.

    One other feature we know you’ll love? The blog and erotic stories sections. Here, you can pick up sex tips and tricks, or even read a few sexy stories to get you in the mood. If you’re looking for sex that’s a bit on the wilder side, we suggest you take advantage of the Kink Search feature. This allows you to find people who you know are into exactly the same kinds of naughty, adventurous things in the bedroom that you are.


    It goes without saying that, especially when you sign up for a casual sex site, your privacy is important to you. No one can view your profile without creating an account first (and verifying their email address.) Furthermore, the site promises never to share your images or data.

    You can also send private albums and messages to other users, and block members that bother you. You can adjust your privacy settings more extensively here than on other sites. This gives you much more control over who can see what on your profile.

    Value for Money:

    Okay, the next thing everyone wants to know: Is free? It's common for dating sites to advertise as free to join or to offer a free trial period. And yes, It's technically free to join. But most users with a free membership have a hard time getting the most out of the site. If you're using free, you might find that you have restricted access or limited options when it comes to some of the site's most important features, like messaging. Even the sites that are truly free to use can be noisy and full of distracting ads. For some people, this can be a big pain. If you have a hard time with busy ads, it might even be worth it to use the paid version of the site.

    This is where value takes on a personal significance for each of us. That's right, we're about to get all philosophical on you. When it comes to online dating, the idea of value is a moving target. This means that your idea of value might be really different from another person's. Are you looking at value as the cost per date or the number of dates you actually go on? Interested in marriage? Then value means meeting that right person.

    Before joining a site like, you might want to spend a little time defining the value you hope to get out of the site. Envisioning who you want to meet on a dating site and what kind of connection you'd like to create with them is an important first step. Once you have a clear sense of this, you're much more likely to find experiences that line up with your individual definition of dating success. Of course, at DatePerfect we always want you to succeed. That's why we offer you all the info we can on the dating sites you want to learn about. Plus, we want to hook you up with coupons whenever we can. Scroll down to learn more. Costs:

    It’s free to create an account on You can also see messages that you’ve received in the “chat” function on the site. However, the truth is that you really can’t do much without opening your wallet.

    You can send a “Flirt” to another member or couple for $1. It costs $3 to be able to view a single profile for 30 days. Your best bet is usually to upgrade your account to the “Gold Membership” plan. This costs $40 for one month, $27 a month for three months, or $20 a month for one year. This will give you the ability to be contacted by anyone on the site. Plus, your profile will also be made more visible in search results. You’ll also get unlimited webcam access, be able to send flirts and messages to anyone, and even enjoy upgraded group chat benefits.

    Review Conclusion:

    If you’re looking to meet up with other people who want to keep things casual, try It’s also an awesome way to introduce yourself to the kinkier side of online dating. With top-notch security and lots of online-only options to explore, you can get comfortable with new experiences. At DatePerfect, we’re all about helping you to get what you want. So, why wait another minute? Sign up with today.

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    brought to you by DatePerfect


    DatePerfect Ranking

    Great for Serious and Casual Dating, as well as Hookups.

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