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multiple hands represented poly dating and polyamory

Your Poly Dating Questions Answered

You’re here because you want to learn more about polyamory and polyamorous dating. You may have heard it called poly dating for short. Keep...
young man wondering which is better elite singles vs match

Elite Singles vs Match: Which is Better?

DatePerfect Compares EliteSingles and Match.com Both EliteSingles and Match.com are well-known and trusted dating providers with a lot to offer. But which one is better?...
two wedding rings on a cushion representing types of marriage

Types of Marriage: 3 Different Types of Union

The Types of Marriage Although there are various types of marriages, monogamy is the only type that is legally allowed in the United States. What...
bride and groom signifying history of marriage

History of Marriage and Why People Get Married

The history of marriage seems to be as old as human beings. Historically, marriages have been based on political alliances, financial security, and convenience....
hot couple that met on the best hookup sites

The Best Hookup Sites: Which One Will You Choose?

So you're finally ready to settle down with a good hookup site. Congratulations, we're happy for you! But what are the best hookup sites,...
How to Find the Best Hook Up Sites for You

Hook Up Sites: How to Find the Best One for You

If you’re trying to find the absolute best hook up sites, we’re here to help. Of course, you know about the obvious choices like...

Sexual Orientations

happy gay couple representing how to meet gay guys online

How to Meet Gay Guys: The Best Gay Sites to Try

You’re here because you want to know how to meet gay guys. With all the LGBT dating sites available today, it can be overwhelming...
sexy lesbian cougar older woman

The Lesbian Cougar: Everything You Need to Know

You're here because you're interested in learning about the lesbian cougar. In terms of LGBT dating, it's one of the newest dating trends. Let's...
3 of the Best Dating Apps

Best Dating Apps for All Types of Relationships

These days, a whole world of potential partners exist at any given moment in your jean pocket. Sometimes all the options can feel a...

Racial Orientations

older black couple riding bikes representing black singles over 50

Black Singles Over 50: How to Find the Right Dating Site

Black Singles Over 50 You've just turned fifty. Maybe you don't feel like a "senior." Still, you probably want to interact with other people who...
sexy black man on phone representing black people meet

Black People Meet: Why You Should Join a Black Dating Site

If you're a black man or woman, you might be looking for a black partner. This is someone who really understands your experience, background,...
meet asian girls with the best asian dating sites

Here’s How to Find the Best Asian Dating Sites

You're here because you want to know how to find the best dating sites. If you're looking for the best Asian dating sites, We have...
How to Find the Best Asian Dating Sites

How to Find the Best Asian Dating Sites, Period

Interested in dating Asian women or men? You are part of a growing trend in online dating. Asian dating sites are blowing up and...
latina woman representing perks of dating a latina

Perks of Dating a Latina: Why You Need Latin Dating

If you are actively searching for women to date and you haven't been with a Latina yet, you might be missing out. Currently, there...
latina woman representing dating a latina

Dating a Latina: 4 Tips to Make Her Like You

Dating a Latina is a unique experience. To date a Latina, you first have to understand what she's all about and what she values....


christian couple on beach representing christian dating sites

Christian Dating Sites: Find the One for You

If you’re obsessively researching dating sites and trying to find the best Christian dating sites, you can breathe a sigh of relief. We did...
christian couple embracing representing christian mingle

Christian Mingle: The Dos and Don’ts of Christian Dating

Christian Mingle Christian dating can be incredibly fun and fulfilling if you do it right. Because of your Christian beliefs, you're passionate, curious, and you're...
Attracting Jewish Men 7 Tips for Success

Jewish Men: 7 Tips to Attract One Now

If you want to attract Jewish men, we have a few helpful suggestions. The first one, not surprisingly, is to be Jewish yourself. In...
couple on park bench representing how to meet a jewish girl

How to Find a Nice Jewish Girl: 5 Jewish Dating Tips

.Jewish dating rules vary from family to family and from sect to sect. People who are more religious tend to be more modest and...
quaran representing muslim dating

Muslim Dating: All About Courtship in Islam

Dating and courtship vary greatly across time and culture, and this is important to note. In this article, we're going to look at Muslim...
beautiful muslim woman representing dating a muslim man

Dating a Muslim Man: What to Expect

Traditional Muslim dating may be very different from today's modern dating trends. The Islamic faith has specific ideals when it comes to dating. If...


senior couple dancing representing senior dating sites

Senior Dating: Get the Most From Senior Dating Sites

If you’re an older woman or man who’s interested in senior dating, we’re here to help. There are so many great senior dating sites...
happy senior couple representing Best Dating Sites for Seniors Over 60

Best Dating Sites for Seniors Over 60

If you're an older man or woman who wants to try online dating, you might be feeling a little intimidated. The good news is...
sexy lesbian cougar older woman

The Lesbian Cougar: Everything You Need to Know

You're here because you're interested in learning about the lesbian cougar. In terms of LGBT dating, it's one of the newest dating trends. Let's...
Older Women Dating Make Cougar Dating Work for You

Older Women Dating: How to Win at Cougar Dating

If you’re interested in dating older women, we can definitely understand. Cougar dating is one of the fastest growing markets in online dating and...
young couple representing hiv positive dating

HIV Positive Dating: Could You Date Someone with HIV?

“Could you date someone with HIV?” is a huge question. We want to start by acknowledging that and reiterating that no one can make...
two people watching sunset representing dating someone with herpes

Dating Someone With Herpes: How to Make it Work

Research states that nearly 20 million cases of HSV occur each year in the United States. If you've just been diagnosed, it can be...

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microscope looking at pheromones representing new dating app

New Dating App Whose Personality Test is… Your DNA

A new dating app called Pheramor uses your DNA as its matching algorithm. According to research, genetics and pheromones have everything to do with attraction....
hand holding rose with ring in it representing divorce rate

The Divorce Rate Isn’t What You Think

Divorce Rate Factors New information on the divorce rate shows that factors like age and college education have a big impact on the statistical probability...

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