Our Honesty Promise

The dating industry can do a better job serving people – and we’re here to lead by example. While there are many good players in the dating space, there are also plenty that don’t put consumers first. We’ve all seen the “Top 10” lists that turn out to be just another advertisement.

The dating space is messy and we are here to help.  We work really hard to bring in millions of dating-related data-points every day to provide our free service. The technical specifics of “how we do this” and “the math in our algorithm” are DatePerfect’s secret sauce. Without giving away the recipe, we can still provide a lot of insight here about how we operate.

How are Communities Listed?

At DatePerfect, we believe in honesty and transparency. Every time dating communities appear in our search results, the most relevant ones are at the top, with highest preference given to communities we believe are least likely to be fraudulent. As a consumer ally, we postulate legitimacy by evaluating each community against 26 independent metrics – meaning we don’t just believe what they tell us!

How do we Pay the Bills?

We also want to share how we “keep the lights on” at DatePerfect. We are sharing so there can never be a suggestion of a conflict of interest, and so we can continue to keep our service free for everyone. In the dating industry and many others, companies providing products or services often offer a referral fee when they are sent new customers. This practice is called Affiliate Marketing. At DatePerfect, about 12% of the dating communities we list may pay us a referral fee. Hopefully, this means our 27 team members can keep working to provide our service for free. We promise to clearly identify these communities with a, and will NEVER give them preference in our search results. That is our Honesty Promise. All we ask in return is that if you like one of those communities, please go sign up so we can keep doing what we love.

Note – When you first arrive at our site, it defaults to show our partners. Simply click “All Communities” to see everything we have discovered – A service We do for You for Free.

We believe that love exists in abundance, and we approach our business the same way – with a belief that there is enough for everyone to be happy and successful.