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Happy in Boca
by: baby blu news on 19 April 2017
I just joined . And find this app easy to glide through . And many nice men who had contacted me.So quickly . This is my first time . I have not even finished my profile yet !So I am pleased . - Apple App Store
Great Site!
by: Sabina613 on 20 July 2017
Most of Jdaters are very nice, educated and serious. The site monitors what people write in the profile and what pictures they put, which is great- no nasty pics or rude profiles. I do highly recommend. - Apple App Store
Sylvia- representative at J Date
by: Denise Baum on 29 June 2018
Sylvia was wonderful in helping me get started. - Apple App Store
Not snuff responses
by: King of Kleen on 15 February 2018
All these Beautiful women but no connects can you help Anthony - Apple App Store
New app looks good
by: Mr.Dinosaur on 27 September 2017
A much better experience now. Thank you.guys. - Apple App Store
Does what is says
by: Justin Hershkowitz on 15 May 2013
Still wish there was a proper app for android, ultimately that's the reason why I'm not renewing my subscription to jdate when it expires next month. - Google Play Store
Always find awesome connections with Jdate
by: matchpoint64 on 7 November 2018
My success is much greater on a Jdate vs other sites that I have tried. - Apple App Store
Nice update app a lot less buggy
by: Bennyblanx on 5 August 2017
App much improved. Like the new look! - Apple App Store
Full featured Jdate, on a phone
by: 7995468 on 4 August 2017
Wow. Impressed. Fast, beautiful, easy to navigate. Glad Jdate finally got its act together. - Apple App Store
by: imag4x on 5 July 2017
I love using this app - Apple App Store
Great app
by: Candyvape on 4 July 2017
No bugs, works well. I would work on the user ability but besides that great app. Keep up the good work. - Apple App Store
Not many participants
by: LegallyBling on 5 January 2019
I wished there were more members. There are decent, courteous, and pleasant males here. Do a good profile and feel free to join. - Apple App Store
Works fairly well
by: Carneades on 29 December 2016
The poor reviews surprise me. There are not huge numbers of members but the app is functional. The web site is best for entering stuff while the app is fine for communication. - Apple App Store
One of the better sites that I've used so far
by: Da Strogmista on 23 July 2016
I'm new to the whole online dating scene, so I went with about four or five apps to try things out and this one is one of the better sites in my honest opinion. I haven't had much luck with getting responses, but I have a very easy experience with updating my profile and with checking out other profiles. My only pet peeve is that you have to subscribe in order to get access to messaging period. Otherwise, I hope I find Mrs. Right on this site. - Apple App Store
Jewy is good
by: QueenLoriG on 15 July 2016
Like I said, Jewy part is good. But I do wish that if I were in the middle of writing a message it doesn't get erased when someone IMs me. - Apple App Store
by: Michael Herskovits on 30 June 2014
It used to work - Google Play Store
Why does it always show one message
by: cyberposer on 3 January 2018
Why does the app always show one message still unread - Apple App Store
Great service, app needs a tuneup
by: Sirfluffydder on 5 July 2017
While JDate itself is great, the app could use some tightening. It can be a bit hit or miss at times. That said, JDate is a terrific service. - Apple App Store
Where are the educated Jewish guys over 35yo who are single without kids
by: NYC Viewer on 2 July 2017
Most of the guys are uneducated blue collar guys who are divorced with kids, unshaven and out of shape and are barely able to support themselves. JDate needs to aggressively advertise outside the app, like they did long ago, for parties and quality singles, especially for those over 35yo. Age restricted parties turned away the educated/sophisticated 35+ singles population from JDate. Bring back your all ages parties and advertising of parties outside of the Jdate App. The new management is attracting instead a lot of non-Jews. Go back to the way you were. I gave you 4 stars in hopes that you'll improve and for the fact that Jdate is still around. - Apple App Store
Good Stuff
by: Emmablue33 on 27 July 2017
I've enjoyed the experience so far but the platform could be a little easier to navigate and the secret admirer stuff is way too cheesy for me. Still some very good quality people here. The lag time in approval for edits to the profile can take a few hours but not bad. I'm surprised they have tech support during Shabbat personally, oh well ;) - Apple App Store
All is good except chat functionality
by: Vadimteatimeski on 12 May 2017
All is good except chat functionality - Apple App Store
PBn7,!’Kurt I
by: yjtvylcv b ldgue on 13 December 2018
Leo formcl j yes Klokov - Apple App Store
Error keeps showing up
by: User 5685531 on 17 February 2018
Seems to keep showing an error “jwt expired” is it not saving my swipes? Please fix! - Apple App Store
by: green111111 on 29 July 2016
Idk if this is a good app or not. 3 stars - Apple App Store
Craig stall
by: Rahimadin on 16 July 2016
Good app just not nice girls rude - Apple App Store
Not many participants
by: LegallyBling on 16 July 2016
I wished there were more members. - Apple App Store
JDate App is OK
by: Dov-Bear on 13 July 2016
App freezes from time to time, and doesn't remember your settings if it resets itself. From time to time it drops connection, and it doesn't show you your inbox correctly. - Apple App Store