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JPeopleMeet Reviews January 2021

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JPeopleMeet Review Introduction:

As a Jewish person, we know that you definitely feel the pressure to find your bashert. If your bubbe isn’t asking for grandkids, then everyone at the synagogue or community center is whispering about when you’re going to find someone. You feel like you’re ready to start taking your search for love more seriously, and you know people who have had success on JPeopleMeet.

You’re curious to learn more about other people’s experiences on the site. No matter your level of observance, your relationship history, or the kind of partner you’re looking to connect with, is the digital version of the village matchmaker. Read on to access JPeopleMeet reviews from DatePerfect, and get ready to find your other half.

JPeopleMeet Users:

JPeopleMeet is open to both gay and straight users. The majority of users on JPeopleMeet seem commitment and marriage-minded. In other words? This isn’t a site for those looking for casual sex or just hooking up. It’s for people who are interested in, at the least, long-term dating and a committed relationship.

There are also users from all different levels of observance, though most seem to be Reform or Conservative as opposed to Orthodox. Those who are divorced or who have children from a previous relationship or marriage will certainly find others like them on

We know that your Jewish faith is really important to you. And if you’re looking for the best Jewish dating sites, you’ve probably already heard of JPeopleMeet. But could it be the right dating site for you? JPeopleMeet dating makes an effort to create a warm and friendly place for people whose faith takes precedence in their lives. If your beliefs are a big part of your identity and priorities, it totally makes sense that you want to incorporate them into your love life. More than anything, we want to help you find the dating site to help you do that. So keep reading our JPeopleMeet reviews to discover if this is the dating option that best fits your unique dating needs.

JPeopleMeet Chat:

So you registered as a member and now you're ready for some fun. Connecting and chatting with your new matches can be really exciting. Pretty much every dating site these days has the basic chat option available. In other words, you can send text messages to people you want to get to know using the site's platform. See someone cute? Use chat features to send out some flirty JPeopleMeet messages.

But it is the 21st century, you guys. That's why many dating sites are introducing more advanced connection features, like voice and video chat. These can help you get to know potential matches a little better. Interested in connecting with other members on the site and getting to know them? Good news, it's really simple. Just use the JPeopleMeet search feature to see who's online. Then, when you find someone appealing, just send them a quick message and get a conversation started.

JPeopleMeet Profiles:

Visit the JPeopleMeet log in page to get started. As we mentioned, most people who join this site are looking for long term commitment and marriage. This means that the site is going to ask you for quite a bit of personal info. While it can feel like a lengthy process to some, we encourage you to stick it out. Why? Because the more effort and energy you put into your JPeopleMeet profile, the greater success the site will have in matching you with its most compatible members.

A big part of filling out your profile will be completing the JPeopleMeet questions. The purpose of these questions is usually to give the site's algorithm a chance to get to know you a little better so it can suggest viable matches. Want to get more clicks, messages, and likes? Then please take the time to fill out as much information as you can. It will show the site's other members that you're serious about meeting someone and willing to put in the effort. Just put yourself in their shoes for a sec. If you search JPeopleMeet for a match and all they have on their profile is the most basic data, you're probably not going to stick around. So give yourself the best chance of success with a great dating site profile. We promise it will pay off.


So now about the JPeopleMeet app. Unfortunately, there isn’t one available... yet. Or we haven’t found it yet, so let us know if you find it first. But it’s not all bad. What do we mean? Well, the mobile site is pretty usable. If you're looking for a complete and integrated experience on your smartphone, you should check out JPeopleMeet mobile on your browser of choice. Why? You’ll get many of the same great features and perks as you’d find on the JPeopleMeet desktop site. While it's not quite as convenient as an actual app, you'll definitely still be able to access and interact with the site on your phone. You can get a good feel for this by navigating to the site's homepage on your mobile device now.


  • Includes Success Stories: Feeling like there’s no hope? Don’t worry -- JPeopleMeet is here to keep your spirits high. Read through some of their adorable “Success Stories” to learn about some of the happy couples that have met on the site.
  • Their Blog of Dating Tips: Need a little advice when it comes to the dating game?JPeopleMeet also has a nice dating blog that helps you navigate things like interfaith dating, (or dating someone who is more or less observant than you) how to pick the right person for you and more.


  • No Swipe-Based Mobile App: If you’re into swiping right and left and the gamification of dating, this site likely isn’t for you.
  • Outdated Interface: While we love the ease of use that JPeopleMeet offers, we have to admit that the interface itself could use a bit of a makeover. Still, who cares about website design -- as long as you’re still able to meet The One, right?

Special Features:

One thing that makes JPeopleMeet unique? You can choose to include a “greeting” when you sign up for your account that most closely matches your strongest personality trait. Options are descriptions like, “Nature Lover,” “Ambitious,” “Relaxed But Silly,” and “Family First.” JPeopleMeet also offers additional paid subscription-based features like the ability to chat with other users and the chance to access more specific filter options. This site even gives you access to see who is interested in your profile or which users added you to their favorites list.

Users can “like” each other’s photos, “flirt” with one another, and even get a list of users who are online and available for chat. You can even search through profiles according to specific keywords that are important to you, like “cat lover,” or “observes Shabbat.” Another thing we love about JPeopleMeet? The “Match” feature. If you click on this tab, you’ll be shown the photo and profile of potential people that might interest you. You can then let the site know whether or not you’re interested and move onto your next option either way. Think of it as the desktop version of “swiping” on dating apps.


JPeopleMeet seems to truly prioritize the privacy and security of its members. We like the fact that only those who are members are able to see your profile so that you don’t have to worry about someone who doesn’t have an account with JPeopleMeet finding your profile. Though the site does offer geolocation services, it will only collect this data once you turn it on. Of course, if you meet someone and deactivate your profile, JPeopleMeet will delete all of your personal information from the site.

Value for Money:

Okay, the next thing everyone wants to know: Is JPeopleMeet free? It's very common for dating sites like this one to advertise as free to join or to offer a free trial period. And yes, It's technically free to join. But most users with a free membership have a hard time getting the most out of the site. If you're using JPeopleMeet free, you might find that you have restricted access or limited options when it comes to some of the site's most important features, like messaging. Even the sites that are truly free to use can be noisy and full of distracting ads. For some people, this can be a big pain. If you have a hard time with busy ads, it might even be worth it to use the paid version of the site.

This is where value takes on a personal significance for each of us. That's right, we're about to get all philosophical on you. When it comes to online dating, the idea of value is a moving target. This means that your idea of value might be really different from another person's. Are you looking at value as the cost per date or the number of dates you actually go on? Or maybe you're interested in marriage and value has to do with meeting that right person.

Before joining a site like JPeopleMeet, you might want to spend a little time defining the value you hope to get out of the site. Envisioning who you want to meet on a dating site and what kind of connection you'd like to create with them is an important first step. Once you have a clear sense of this, you're much more likely to find experiences that line up with your individual definition of dating success. Of course, at DatePerfect we always want you to succeed. That's why we offer you all the info we can on the dating sites you want to learn about. Plus, we want to hook you up with JPeopleMeet coupons whenever we can. Scroll down to learn more.

JPeopleMeet Costs:

It’s free to create a basic account and register as a member on JPeopleMeet. You also won’t need to pay to be able to browse other members, though you will need to sign up to do so. However, to get more features, we suggest that you upgrade to a paid subscription.

Wondering about the JPeopleMeet cost? You’ll be able to get more of the features will discuss in detail below, like the ability to comment on the photos of others and get more detailed search options. The monthly membership price is $13.99 for a one-month subscription, $8.99 for three months, and $6.49 for 12 months.

Review Conclusion:

If connecting with eligible Jewish singles is one of your biggest dating priorities, then we think you’ll enjoy what JPeopleMeet has to offer.

The interface is intuitive and easy-to-use, the site does a great job of protecting the privacy of its members, and the chat feature makes connecting with others much less intimidating. Our team at DatePerfect feels confident that you’ll meet a true mensch on

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JPeopleMeet Says...

Welcome to, a focused online Jewish dating service dedicated to the Jewish community. Shared beliefs are an important foundation to any relationship. JPeopleMeet understands this and is designed to bring Jewish singles together. Whether you are looking for love, friendship, romance, or marriage, enjoy an uplifting Jewish community to facilitate your relationship.

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JPeopleMeet Reviews January 2021

brought to you by DatePerfect


DatePerfect Ranking

Great for Dating, Long Term Relationships, and Marriages.


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